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Adventure Travel in North America
Where to Ski in the US

When you combine Canada and the US, the skiing and snowboarding opportunities in North America certainly rival that of the European Alps. But the United States is a vast country, and at first knowing where to head to ski can be tricky to figure out. Here we provide you with…

Adventure Travel in the Far East
Where to Ski in Japan

Japan is renowned for many things: sushi, sake, cherry blossom trees and more, but did you know Japan is actually home to more than 500 ski resorts? And it’s actually one of the top destinations for skiers and snowboarders in the world? If you haven’t discovered Japan’s slopes yet, here we…

Adventure Travel in South Asia
All aboard the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run

If you’ve ever travelled in Asia you’ll be familiar with those crazy looking three-wheel rickshaws that look unsafe but seem to keep on chugging no matter what. Now it’s time for you to get behind the wheel of one of these automobiles and explore the exotic countryside of southern India. Join the…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Where to Ski in China

If you are looking for a place to go skiing this winter outside of Europe, why not head to China? This East Asian country, though not a very well-known destination for adventure travelers, is usually covered in snow in its northern side during the winter. You may not be able…

Adventure Travel in North America
Where to Ski in Canada

In the Northern Hemisphere winter is well and truly getting underway, and with the drop in temperatures comes a distinct increase in the number of your friends jetting off on skiing holidays. Your Facebook newsfeed will soon be filled with your coolest friends heading skiing or snowboarding everywhere from the Alps…

Extreme Travel

Adventure Travel in North Africa
9 Adventure Sports to Try in the Sahara

The Sahara is a magical and mystical place. But while it’s the desert of all deserts, many don’t know that parts of the Sahara are quite easily accessible from touristy hotspots such as Morocco and Egypt, and there’s loads of adventure sports to try in the Sahara. So what can you…

Adventure Travel News
New Formation Skydiving Record Set by 202 Skydivers

For most of us, it was just an ordinary Tuesday, but in Southern California a group of 202 people from 24 countries set out to achieve an insane record: they formed the largest sequential skydiving formation, that has ever been done. Most of them skydiving experts in all age groups…

Equestrian Adventures & Animal Power
Where to Swim with Whale Sharks

Is it a whale? Is it a shark? No, this beautifully majestic giant of the ocean is actually a huge fish, NOT the scary “Jaws” kind of shark – despite its name. Famous for their spotty complexion and their big mouths they’re filter feeders, meaning they open up wide and let water rush…