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    7 Strange Weather Phenomena and Where to See Them

    The weather is frequently a topic of conversation because of how often it can change. The weather phenomena on this list, however, are rare, breath-taking and something you’ll really want to talk about if you get the chance to witness them. Find out which adventure travel destinations you need to visit in order to have the chance […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    5 of the Best Deserts for Adventure Travel

    Despite their barrenness and inhospitality to life, there is something enchanting about the world’s great deserts that draws waves of visitors willing to brave the heat and lack of water. In fact there’s more to do in the deserts than you might think. Whether it’s 4×4 motoring adventures, sand boarding or camel back riding you’re looking for, […]

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    Essential Winter Road Trip Tips for Europe

    Winter road trips can be challenging but exciting. Although cold, many parts of Europe are great fun to explore in winter and this is a great time to satisfy your winter wanderlust. If your driving route will be taking you through regions where temperatures are low and the terrain is snowy or icy, some extra prior […]

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    5 of the Most Colorful Wonders of the Natural World

    Some places on this planet were given extra attention when pigmented by nature’s paintbrush. Certain scenes possess a beauty in brilliant color that rivals the most exquisite painting you can find made by the most gifted artists. Luckily for us, some of these works of art that grace the surface of the Earth also happen to […]

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    6 of the Coolest European Mountain Music Festivals

    Panoramic vistas and quality performances from international musical acts combine to prove that festivals are not just for summer. These are the musical mountain events to know, hosted in some of the most awe-inspiring mountain adventure locations in Europe. Strap on your skis and get ready to party on the piste at some of the […]

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    Bear Grylls Theme Park to Open in UK Next Year

    Thrillseekers in the UK are in for a treat as a Bear Grylls Theme Park is set to open in 2018. Photo by: Lwp Kommunikáció Inspired by the TV adventurist’s global escapades, Bear Grylls Adventure is a 20 million pound investment and will be a permanent feature at Birmingham‘s National Exhibition Centre. A former British special forces […]