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    Glacial Travel Destinations Melting Fast

    Glaciers, as well as being amazing phenomena for us to behold, are extremely precious as they hold the majority of the world’s freshwater supply.  If they were to all melt tomorrow, the world’s water levels would rise by a whopping 70 meters. At present, many of the world’s glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. […]

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    7 Strange Weather Phenomena and Where to See Them

    The weather is frequently a topic of conversation because of how often it can change. The weather phenomena on this list, however, are rare, breath-taking and something you’ll really want to talk about if you get the chance to witness them. Find out which adventure travel destinations you need to visit in order to have the chance […]

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    7 Places Best to Explore by Kayaking

    Kayaking is an ancient activity that has changed tremendously over the years. Originally used by Inuit people for hunting, today’s kayaks can be paddled on practically any body of water and in just about any environment. It’s been growing in popularity as a great workout and stress reliever. With experiences ranging anywhere between serene and […]

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    Visit These Vanishing Natural Wonders Made by Water While You Still Can

    Stephen Hawking recently made the grim prediction that in 600 years, Earth will become “a sizzling ball of fire” due to human population growth and increasing demands for energy. Along with increasing temperatures, climate change is destroying many of the greatest wonders of the natural world. Water is a precious resource whos sheer force over billions of years has shaped […]

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    About that Heli-Skiing Gets a Shiny New Platform

    A new online booking platform, Heli, aims to make unusual adventure sports such as heli-skiing more accessible to the masses by linking operators in one hub. One of the most adrenaline-fuelled extreme mountain adventure activities out there, heli-skiing is legendary for allowing participants to ski untapped wilderness terrain. The new platform launched last month and […]

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    Adventure Travel in a Wheelchair – Yes It’s Possible

    Adventure travel in a wheelchair? It’s totally possible. While it definitely has its challenges, we at Adventure Herald believe that being a wheelchair user shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world and having great experiences and exciting adventures. Photo by: Gellinger Considering that almost a billion people are living with some sort of disability around the […]

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    Millennials are Shaping the Travel Industry – For the Better

    Photo by: In recent years, the millennial generation (defined as those born roughly between 1982 and 2002) has been blamed for killing a number of industries in cold blood. Scarred by the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Generation Y’s spending habits are quite different than those of previous generations. As a result, those murderous […]

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    World’s Blokiest Holiday Destinations

    If you’re a man, or you love manly-type-things, we have an blockbuster line-up of ideas that make our entirely subjective list of the world’s best blokiest holiday destinations. Yes, we’re going to indulge in some gender stereotypes here, but we’re sure, no matter who you are, these holiday tips will appeal to your inner bloke! Photo By: Terry […]