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    North America’s Best Camping Spots

    Campers are lucky in North America as there is an abundance of camp grounds for both free camping and in professionally run campgrounds in both the United States and Canada. The best bit is you have such a variety of scenery to choose from. Of course there are plenty of national parks where camping is […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Best Spring Travel Destinations

    Springtime is a great season to travel, and there are loads of spring travel destinations that will give you some wanderlust and inspire you to book flights. Here are some of our favorites. Photo By: Giovanni Tulips Blooming in Amsterdam The Netherlands is famous for several things: Amsterdam’s red light district, windmills, wooden clogs and […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Classic Backpacking in North America Routes

    Backpacking in North America won’t disappoint adventure travelers. There is the incredible variety of landscapes and cultural experiences offered by the United States; the rugged beauty of Canada and the US state of Alaska; and the tequila-inspired parties and “gringo trail” backpacking route of Mexico. Backpackers love North America, so here’s everything you need to know about backpacking in […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Pre-Lenten Festivals: New Orleans Mardi Gras

    Before the fasting period of Lent (that leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter), many Christian countries and cultures find a way to celebrate Carnival. The Carnival period is usually in February and March – sometimes starting as early as January 6 – when there are special parties and parades, but usually there is one specific […]

  • Adventure Travel in Eastern Europe
    5 Walking Tours Around the Globe

    If you would like to experience the maximum level of weariness during your journey, staying up late constantly is one option, going to a sightseeing tour in a mega-city is another, but walking tours are the perfect choices to reach your physical limits. Every big traveller will encounter the demanding feeling of experiencing a walking […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Tornado Chasing is the New Extreme Adventure of the Era

    What is the most extreme adventure destination you can imagine? Freediving in Indonesia, or ice-climbing in Norway? Maybe these sound too chilled. Shark-cage diving in Australia, or extreme kayaking in Chile? Still not enough? Well then, we have the ultimate adventure for you: tornado chasing in the United States.  Tornado Alley in America might be an adventure for you if […]

  • Adventure Travel in Central America
    Top Tips: What To Do In Bermuda

    Most of us have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but how much do you know about the actual island of Bermuda? You might be surprised to learn that it’s a remote island getaway; a kind of haven for those looking for gorgeous beaches, adventure sports and a bit of R&R. The truth couldn’t be further removed from the […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Adventure Holidays in Alaska

    Alaska is one of the world’s most popular destinations for wilderness and wildlife lovers. Consider, for example, that at this outpost of the US located north-west of Canada there’s everything for nature-lovers from snow capped peaks to icy creeks, plus dozens of glaciers and historic dog sledding trails, as well as North America’s highest mountain […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Where to Ski in the US

    When you combine Canada and the US, the skiing and snowboarding opportunities in North America certainly rival that of the European Alps. But the United States is a vast country, and at first knowing where to head to ski can be tricky to figure out. Here we provide you with some of our favourite ski […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Where to Ski in Canada

    In the Northern Hemisphere winter is well and truly getting underway, and with the drop in temperatures comes a distinct increase in the number of your friends jetting off on skiing holidays. Your Facebook newsfeed will soon be filled with your coolest friends heading skiing or snowboarding everywhere from the Alps to Aspen. But, if you’re […]