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    A Beginner’s Guide to Mountainboarding

    Originally deriving from snowboarding, mountainboarding AKA dirtboarding, is a somewhat unknown sport with a range of attractions nonetheless. Having been around for two decades, today it is a well-established sport with its own culture and practiced in over 30 countries. If you haven’t heard of it though, you’re not alone. Find out just why you need to […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    5 Insane Extreme Sports Travel Ideas for Adrenaline Junkies

    If your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 include planning some extreme sports travel and you need a bit of inspiration, try this list for starters. The following extreme sports travel ideas for adrenaline junkies promise death defying, transcendent and heart stopping experiences. Thankfully, the world of extreme sports keeps coming up with new and crazy ways […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventures in Norway: Top Reasons to Visit

    In the United Nation’s 2013 World Happiness Report, Norway claimed the second place spot, making it one of the happiest places on Earth. A world-class and unspoilt adventure travel destination, Norway offers a truly outdoor adventure playground for any adventurer or extreme sports lover. Find out some of the reasons to visit Norway in 2018.  Photo of […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventure Travel in Scotland – Top Things to Do

    As far as adventure travel destinations go, Scotland has a lot to offer as a world-class natural playground. There are a number of unusual and interesting extreme sports to try in Scotland, probably one of the best adventure travel destinations on the planet. Although it may be ‘wee’, it has a lot of adventure packed […]

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    Where to Go Volcano Boarding

    Some of us are drawn to volcanoes, which can be as hypnotically beautiful as they are dangerous. As numbers of travelers undertaking extreme travel adventurers increases these days, so do numbers of those venturing on treks and hikes to volcanic sites, and even participating in volcano climbing. Maybe you’ve climbed a volcano. But are you crazy […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    About that Heli-Skiing Gets a Shiny New Platform

    A new online booking platform, Heli, aims to make unusual adventure sports such as heli-skiing more accessible to the masses by linking operators in one hub. One of the most adrenaline-fuelled extreme mountain adventure activities out there, heli-skiing is legendary for allowing participants to ski untapped wilderness terrain. The new platform launched last month and […]

  • Adventure Travel in the Balkans
    A Rough Adventure Guide to Montenegro

    If you’re looking for an underrated adventure getaway in the Balkan region of Europe that is attractive all year round, then Mediterranean Montenegro is an excellent choice. That’s why we have put together a quick adventure guide to Montenegro, one of the most sorely underrated adventure travel destinations in the Balkans. Boasting both picturesque beach coasts and […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    6 of the Coolest European Mountain Music Festivals

    Panoramic vistas and quality performances from international musical acts combine to prove that festivals are not just for summer. These are the musical mountain events to know, hosted in some of the most awe-inspiring mountain adventure locations in Europe. Strap on your skis and get ready to party on the piste at some of the […]

  • Real Adventurers
    Bear Grylls Theme Park to Open in UK Next Year

    Thrillseekers in the UK are in for a treat as a Bear Grylls Theme Park is set to open in 2018. Photo by: Lwp Kommunikáció Inspired by the TV adventurist’s global escapades, Bear Grylls Adventure is a 20 million pound investment and will be a permanent feature at Birmingham‘s National Exhibition Centre. A former British special forces […]