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  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Adventure Travel in Central Africa

    Central Africa has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately (think of all the troubles in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and parts of South Sudan and Sudan) BUT the happy news is there are still some destinations for adventure travel in Central Africa that are well and […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Adventure Travel in Western Africa

    The western parts of Africa often get overlooked by adventure travellers, however, this region has so much on offer it can be hard to decide on a short-list for adventure travel in western Africa. However, for things to see and do Mali, Senegal and Ghana are among our very favourites. Read on to find out […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Adventure Travel in Eastern Africa

    After southern Africa, the easter portion of Africa is probably the most popular among adventure travellers. And with sights like the Great Rift Valley, the hike up Kilimanjaro or the Masai Mara National Park – what’s not to love? Our favourite countries to explore in eastern Africa are Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya – here’s why: Photo By: Ludovic […]

  • Adventure Travel in North Africa
    Adventure Travel in Northern Africa

    Northern Africa has been going through some turmoil recently, but for adventure travellers there are still some great options in Morocco, Egypt and even parts of Tunisia. Of course you should always check up-to-date travel warnings, but if it’s safe to go you should discover the gems in all of these countries, at least once […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Adventure Travel in Southern Africa

    The southern region of Africa is the most touristy of sub-Saharan Africa. Many adventure travelers head to South Africa first then make their way on safari to Botswana, or Zimbabwe to see the world-famous Victoria Falls. Find out about adventure travel in Southern Africa by reading on!   Photo By: Donatella Venturi South Africa South […]

  • Adventure Travel in the Far East
    Mongol Mania: Adventure Travel in Mongolia

    For a country known for its vast emptiness, there’s a surprising amount to do. Plus, for many adventure travellers it’s exactly this vast open landscape that is the drawcard and the charm of this land-locked country. So if can feel yourself getting Mongol mania, here’s a guide to adventure travel in Mongolia. Photo By: Bernd Thaller Let’s […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventure Travel in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is an island to the south of India, and it’s often overlooked. But this island wedged between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, has incredible tropical landscapes, beautiful beach resorts, an assortment of adventure sports, and of course wonderful cultural sights to explore. We recently wrote about Sri Lanka on our […]

  • Extreme Travel Adventures
    High-Rise Adventures Around the World

    These cool ideas for high-rise adventures will have you seeking out thrills in urban landscapes, in some of the world’s biggest metropolises. Photo By: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Sky-Rise Slide In Los Angeles, the US Bank Tower has this year added a fun-factor to what is otherwise an ordinary glass high-rise building. They have added a glass […]