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    5 Must-See Historical Temples in India

    No matter your religious affiliation, anyone can be awe-struck and inspired by the magnificent craftsmanship and architectural feats the many temples in India. These beautiful places of worship draw visitors from all over the world for an otherworldly experience. Here are just some of the most incredible temples in India you must visit. Photo by: Max Pixel […]

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    New Adventure Tourism Developments in India Underway

    New adventure tourism developments in India are taking place in various regions across the country, in activities that include water sports, aero sports and ecotourism. Photo by: A. J. T. Johnsingh, WWF-India and NCF Dehradun – Water and Aero Sports In Dehradun, training will be provided to local youths in adventure activities. A project which will see the state […]

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    Religious Pilgrimages For Adventure Travelers

    Religious pilgrimages are not always for the religious, sometimes visiting a sacred site or taking part in a religious pilgrimage can be spiritually significant, historically important or culturally interesting to a non-religious, but open-minded, adventure traveler as well. Here are some of the world’s most important religious pilgrimages for adventure travelers. Photo By:  Manuel Camino de […]

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    All aboard the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run

    If you’ve ever travelled in Asia you’ll be familiar with those crazy looking three-wheel rickshaws that look unsafe but seem to keep on chugging no matter what. Now it’s time for you to get behind the wheel of one of these automobiles and explore the exotic countryside of southern India. Join the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run to […]

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    Tamilnadu Run About to Kick off in Chennai

    Just a few hours till the world famous Rickshaw Challenge kicks off again, one proclaimed as one of the world’s last 10 real adventures among diving between tectonic plates in Iceland and rowing across Siberia’s lake Baikal. This time, the challenge will start in Chennai in Tamil Nadu on India’s east coast and then go […]