Adventure Herald

Adventure Herald brings you an adventure magazine offering the latest adventure news and travel features for those of you who love to live life outside the safety zone. We feel that the world has got a little too safe and that real adventure has been wrapped up into nice safe packages that can be accessed in the click of a button. We’ve even seen adventure travel include cooking classes in its definition, and while we’re all for cultural travel we don’t agree that cooking is an adventure (unless you have to catch a snake, skin it and cook it yourself).

adventure magazine

Adventure for us means the unknown and it means including an element of risk that gets the adrenaline pumping. Our adventure magazine will focus on where you can find adventure through to extreme living from sports to climates and how you can find thrills on the road with motoring adventures and events.

We also believe in ethical and sustainable travel, and our informed traveler seeks to educate travelers via our adventure magazine on travel tips, cultural etiquette in far off lands as well as helping you know what to pack for an epic road trip – even if you have no route in mind.

Adventure Herald is also a place where real adventurers can tell their stories. We interview participants from banger rallies to tuk tuk adventures, as we also tell the stories of people who like to live on the edge.

Our motto here at Adventure Herald is simple: Live the Adventure!