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    “The Kid” Sets a World Record for Longest Blindfold Slackline Walk

    Pablo Signoret, an 18-year-old French athlete who also goes by the pseudonym The Kid, has set the world record for longest blindfold slackline walk. Photo by: Magda.pp The impressive feat was completed as part of the 2017 International Highline Challenge at Shimenguan Geopark near the city of Dali, China. Slacklining as an extreme sport is just […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Konyukhov Set to Fly Around the World in a Balloon

    (Image Credit – Glenna Barlow) Fyodor Konyukhov, the famous Russian adventurer, has recently revealed that he will be flying solo around the world in a balloon, without making any landing. If he succeeds, he will break American traveler Steve Fossett’s record, who was the first person to do such a nonstop adventure. Konyukhov has already […]

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    The Thrill of Free Climbing and Free Soloing

    People who are rock climbing fanatics are generally the types who love nothing more than testing their physical strength on cliff-faces and mountain-sides, usually with the assistance of safety of ropes, foot-holds, and even a partner to assist if there’s a problem. But free climbers and free soloists take this thrilling adventure sport to a whole new level. If […]

  • Adventure Travel in Antarctica
    5 Extreme Marathons Worth Traveling For

    We can all agree that the average extremely fit person could run a marathon if they trained hard enough, but the following crazy extreme marathons are for the ultra-fit, who can not only run 42.195 kilometers in a reasonable time under normal conditions, but can also brave extreme weather conditions like icy snow or high altitude. Do […]

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    Would You Go On a Manned Mission to Mars?

    You could say this is the ultimate adventure, the most extreme exploration of the unknown that dwarfs (literally) anything done before on Earth: human beings landing – and even living – on Mars. And now a new movie and some high profile space missions have reignited interest in the real possibility of human colonies on the “red […]

  • Extreme Adventure Records
    What is Wingsuit Flying?

    Ever wondered what it’s like to fly? Not just base jump or skydive but to genuinely fly? While similar to skydiving or base jumping “wingsuit flying” or simply “wingsuiting” is an exhilarating extreme sport that involves jumping out of a plane, hot air balloon or off a cliff using a special suit that adds surface area […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    New Formation Skydiving Record Set by 202 Skydivers

    For most of us, it was just an ordinary Tuesday, but in Southern California a group of 202 people from 24 countries set out to achieve an insane record: they formed the largest sequential skydiving formation, that has ever been done. Most of them skydiving experts in all age groups from 25 to 70 years, […]