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    Pre-Lenten Festivals: Carnival of Oruro

    Before the fasting period of Lent (that leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter), many Christian countries and cultures find a way to celebrate Carnival. The Carnival period is usually in February and March – sometimes starting as early as January 6 – when there are special parties and parades, but usually there is one specific […]

  • Informed Traveler
    7 Myths About Adventure Travel

    For some people the thought of “adventure travel” can be frightening as hell. Does this mean that I have to wear the same clothes for two months? Do I have to sleep at a terrible hostel or go camping in the wilderness with no shower in sight? Do I have to spend a fortune on […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Most Beautiful Deserts in the World

    Most of us conjure images of red rolling sand dunes next to a bright blue, cloudless sky when we think of desert scenes. But the most beautiful deserts in the world are made of various kinds of deserts, some are made up of vast salt planes, others have shrubs and cacti, others offer boulders and […]

  • Informed Traveler
    The World’s Most Peculiar Passports

    For adventure travelers one of the best pass-times while standing in an airport line or border crossing queue is to compare your passport with that of other travelers. In addition to comparing the number and nature of visa stamps you have, you’ll likely also be checking out the weird and wonderful differences between the various […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Religious Pilgrimages For Adventure Travelers

    Religious pilgrimages are not always for the religious, sometimes visiting a sacred site or taking part in a religious pilgrimage can be spiritually significant, historically important or culturally interesting to a non-religious, but open-minded, adventure traveler as well. Here are some of the world’s most important religious pilgrimages for adventure travelers. Photo By:  Manuel Camino de […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Adventure Holidays in Alaska

    Alaska is one of the world’s most popular destinations for wilderness and wildlife lovers. Consider, for example, that at this outpost of the US located north-west of Canada there’s everything for nature-lovers from snow capped peaks to icy creeks, plus dozens of glaciers and historic dog sledding trails, as well as North America’s highest mountain […]