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    What Visitors to Jamaica Need to Know About the Gun Violence

    Jamaica’s officials declared a state of emergency last Thursday following a spate of violent crime and killings. As military operations are underway to curb the violence, visitors are faced with questions around whether Jamaica is safe to visit at this time and how drastic the situation really is. Here is what visitors to Jamaica need to […]

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    The Philippines’ Most Active Volcano, Mount Mayon Has Exploded, Alert Level Now at 5

    In breaking news, the Philippines’ most active volcano, Mount Mayon has exploded thunderously today, on Monday January 22 at noon, local time, propelling a giant column of super-heated lava, molten rocks and steam which has flooded down the volcano’s slopes, enveloping the nearby villages in darkness, according to officials. Photo by: Ray in Manila License: CC The alert […]

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    5 of the Most Extreme Spelunking Destinations

    Are you daring enough to venture from the tourist traps and step into the muddy, fragile and sometimes hostile ecosystems found below our Earth’s surface? Caving, or spelunking is an extreme sport that takes you into the mysterious underworld for a physically challenging and enlightening experience. Here are some of the most spectacular and extreme spelunking […]

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    Glacial Travel Destinations Melting Fast

    Glaciers, as well as being amazing phenomena for us to behold, are extremely precious as they hold the majority of the world’s freshwater supply.  If they were to all melt tomorrow, the world’s water levels would rise by a whopping 70 meters. At present, many of the world’s glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. […]

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    Active and Outdoor Adventures in Morocco Not to be Missed

    Outside of the bustling vibrant towns and cities of this North African kingdom, there is plenty of active and outdoor adventure to be had in Morocco whose landscape almost appears to have been designed for adventure and exploration. Here are some active and outdoor adventures in Morocco you’d be crazy to miss! Photo by: PierreHaut License: […]

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    The Most Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2018

    A memorable adventure experience doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as these top budget-friendly travel destinations for 2018 prove. The adventure travel destinations on our list are among the cheapest places to travel as well as offering some of the most wonderful sights and experiences and thrilling adventure activities. If you want to […]

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    Tragic Costa Rica Plane Crash Prompts Travel Questions

    Tour operators and others affected are still reeling from the tragic Costa Rica plane crash that occurred on Dec 31, killing a total of 12 people. Those who perished in the plane crash including four members of the Weiss family from Belleair, Fla., five members of the Steinberg family of Scarsdale, N.Y. and their tour guide […]

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    Adventure Travel in Azerbaijan – A Brief Guide

    You may not have Azerbaijan on your radar for adventure travel, or even know much about this young republic with its often troubled history, except that it hosted the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in the capital of Baku in the summer of 2016. If you’re looking for quirky and unusual adventure travel destinations, the […]