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    The Top 4 Adventure Travel Destinations in 2018

    Planning an adventure travel trip for next year and need some inspiration? The four countries on this list have been widely rated as some of the best adventure Travel Destinations in 2018. As for the best adventure travel destinations that should be on your bucket list, these four countries offer exhilarating experiences that, in our book, are […]

  • Informed Traveler
    7 Myths About Adventure Travel

    For some people the thought of “adventure travel” can be frightening as hell. Does this mean that I have to wear the same clothes for two months? Do I have to sleep at a terrible hostel or go camping in the wilderness with no shower in sight? Do I have to spend a fortune on […]

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    Swim with Humpback Whales in Western Australia

    Image Credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith Look forward to travelling to Western Australia next year, to pass amazing time underwater with your 45,000 kg friend! Australian government is going to let travelers swim with majestic humpback whales at the World Heritate Site of Ningaloo Marine Park from next year, joining the small number of places – Mexico, […]

  • Adventure Travel in Oceania
    How to Drive a Lap of Australia

    Ever wanted to grab a caravan, motorhome or a 4×4, a surfboard and a guitar and set off on a road trip around Australia? If yes, then you’re in luck. One of the world’s longest national highways takes you on a grand journey right around the continent. Along the way you’ll pass through all of the country’s […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    5 Classic Road Trips In the United States

    Whether you’re a young backpacker, an intrepid traveler, or you’ve quit your corporate job and you’re yearning for adventure, then it must be said that the United States is known to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. So if you’ve got your dog-eared copy of On the Road by Jack Kerouac […]

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    Adventure Holidays in Greenland

    It’s one of those funny little ironies in the world: Iceland is quite green and Greenland is quite icy, but the icy island has a lot more to offer than endless frozen water. Greenland is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. About 80% of its land is […]

  • Adventure Travel in Antarctica
    Travel to the South Pole

    Antarctica and especially the South Pole that lies on it are some of the most brag-worthy destinations on Earth. But few know that it’s not just a place accessible to scientists and other researchers. The “average” adventure traveller can head south and stand with the world on their shoulders too. We recently wrote about travel […]

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    Five Best Skiing Places in Europe

    Winter is finally here, and the skiing season is fast approaching. Finding a good slope seems to be harder and harder every year; either not enough snow, or the slopes are not fast enough.  Does the perfect slope exist? Will we ever be able to have it all: perfect snow, perfcet slopes and nice huts, […]

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    Autumn Adventures in the Czech Republic

    Czech Republic, the bohemian jewel of Europe, is often regarded as a destination for beer and architecture lovers; however if you are looking for a great destination for your Autumn adventures,there’s no need to look any further, you found the right spot! Czech Republic is easy to reach by train, car and plane from any European […]