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Autumn Adventures in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, the bohemian jewel of Europe, is often regarded as a destination for beer and architecture lovers; however if you are looking for a great destination for your Autumn adventures,there’s no need to look any further, you found the right spot! Czech Republic is easy to reach by train, car and plane from any European country; and it has countless hidden treasures and adventures that are just waiting to be discovered.

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Czech Republic, as it is not as crowded as it is during the summer time, the weather is still not too cold (temperatures usually stay around 10-15°C /48-57°F), and the atmosphere, together with the impressive autumn colors, will give you a unique sense of magic and adventure. Check out our top autumn adventures in the Czech Republic!

Photo by Jan Fidler.


Wine Tasting

autumn adventures in czech republic

Photo by Lukáš Jirovský.

As we mentioned, Czech Republic is famous for his wide selection of excellent beers, however not many know that Czech wine is also just as good. Autumn is the perfect time of the year to go and discover the wineries in the region, especially in South Moravia. South Moravia is the main wine producing region of the country, however it is very easy to enjoy excellent wine in the capital city. There are numerous wine related  activities in Prague; in fact  you can not only enjoy the many wine tasting events which are organized between September and November, but you can also take part in special festivals and grape harvest events. The St. Klára Vineyard which was established in the 13th century is certainly one of the places worth exploring, as it does not only organizing tasting and small viniculture lessons, but it is also situated in the wonderful and impressive Botanic Garden. Of course, don’t forget to pair your wine with some excellent Czech food!


Autumn Festivals

autumn adventures in the czech republic

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho.

Czech Republic’s calendar is always filled with cultural events, however it is during the autumn season that the best events are organized. Starting in the beginning of October, Czech Republic offers interesting festivals for everyone’s taste. If you like classical music, you might want to visit Prague, which hosts its famous Autumn International Music Festival. The festival, which is a somewhat smaller version of the one hosted during spring, combines international musicians, orchestras from all over the world, with the wonderful autumn setting of the city. But the activities do not only take over the capital city,there are festivals all over the country. Brno also hosts its music festival, the Moravian Autumn Festival; an international music festival which every year  surprises its guest with a different theme.


Hiking in an Ocean of Colors

autumn adventures in czech republic

Photo by Jaroslav Kuba.

Autumn in Czech Republic is certainly characterized by two things: the wonderful color of the foliage, and the crispy (but not too cold) air. What is the best way to enjoy such time of the year if not during an outdoor excursion?  If you like nature, then you must visit the Moravian Wallachia region! The Beskids Mountains, fiercely rule the landscape and create a wonderful and mystical view. The Beskids are dominated by century old timbers, and man made buildings such as churches and various Art Nouveau style buildings. If walking around ancient forests and discovering old churches does not appeal to you, don’t worry, Czech Republic has something adrenaline filled just for you. The Rychlebské Mountains offer their visitors the most exciting bike routes. The  tracks will make your adventure exciting, and the landscape of the Rychlebské Mountains –together with the beautiful view- will make your excursion, or work out, unforgettable.


Na Špičáku Cave

autumn adventures in czech republic

Photo by Jirka Matousek.

If you fear the weather will be too cold for an outdoor excursion, perhaps this is the adventure you are looking for. The Na Špičáku Cave is an intricated natural labirith, which extends for over 400 metres. The cave is made of Devonian marble, a type of mineral which is over 300 million years old, and it has been open to the public since the 19th century, however it has been restored and reopened to the public in the form that we see today in 1955. The Na Špičáku is the oldest documented cave in Europe, as it was first mentioned in 1430 by Antonius Walle. If you want to discover a piece of history in the heart of central Europe this is exactly the adventure you are looking for! Na Špičáku is not the only option for the friends of darkness, the Czech Republic and its karst has many more caves to offer!

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