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  • Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia
    Vietnam Reduces Cost of its Tourist Visa

    Vietnam is set to reduce the cost of its tourist visa for visitors from US$45 to $25 starting from the 23rd of November 2015. The change comes in an effort to increase the number of foreign visitors to the Southeast Asian country, that has seen a slump in tourist numbers over the past year. For the multi-entry visa, […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Malawi Introducing Visa Fee

    Malawi, already struggling getting its piece out of the tourism cake in competition with neighboring Zambia and Tanzania, has received a further blow to its tourism industry. From October 1st, a significant $75 visa fee has been introduced. It is assumed, that this rather high fee will keep tourists from visiting Malawi, especially with neighboring Zambia offering […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    New Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the launch of a new multiple entry tourist visa for Thailand (METV), which will be available from 13th November 2015. The visa will cost 5000 baht (approximately 124€) and enable the owner to exit and enter Thailand as often as he wants to, within a period of 6 months. […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Russian Visa Requirements for BRICS Countries Might Be Dropped

    Getting into Russia as tourist is  not the easiest thing for many nationalities and usually involves a long, exhausting visa application process. Soon, a few more countries might be lucky enough to rise to the group of states, whose citizens are allowed to enter Russia for touristic purposes without a visa, since Russian visa requirements […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Introduction of e-Visa in Kenya

    Picture: Diana Robinson   From the 1st September 2015, Kenya will introduce an e-Visa system, replacing the currently available visa on arrival. The visa should be requested at least 7 days in advance and 2 months at most. From the date of issue, the visa owner has 90 days to enter Kenya, before the visa […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Tightened Requirements For US Visa Waiver Program

    To oppose those who in the eyes of the Department of Homeland Security are an increasing terrorist threat, the department has implemented a change in the regulations of their visa waiver program. The 38 eligible countries, whose citizens don’t have to undergo interviews at US embassies and apply for a visa before traveling to the […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Planned Extension of e-Tourist Visa in India

    After the introduction of an e-Tourist Visa in India in November 2014, for which by now 78 nationalities are eligible, India has announced plans to extend the accessibility to 31 more nations. Among them are European countries like Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden, as well as several South American nations. The only […]