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    5 Insane Extreme Sports Travel Ideas for Adrenaline Junkies

    If your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 include planning some extreme sports travel and you need a bit of inspiration, try this list for starters. The following extreme sports travel ideas for adrenaline junkies promise death defying, transcendent and heart stopping experiences. Thankfully, the world of extreme sports keeps coming up with new and crazy ways […]

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    Adventures in Norway: Top Reasons to Visit

    In the United Nation’s 2013 World Happiness Report, Norway claimed the second place spot, making it one of the happiest places on Earth. A world-class and unspoilt adventure travel destination, Norway offers a truly outdoor adventure playground for any adventurer or extreme sports lover. Find out some of the reasons to visit Norway in 2018.  Photo of […]

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    Adventure Travel in Scotland – Top Things to Do

    As far as adventure travel destinations go, Scotland has a lot to offer as a world-class natural playground. There are a number of unusual and interesting extreme sports to try in Scotland, probably one of the best adventure travel destinations on the planet. Although it may be ‘wee’, it has a lot of adventure packed […]

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    4 New Years Adventure Getaways to Ring in 2018

    It’s not too late to book a last minute adventure and celebrate the New Year away from the overpriced and overstuffed clubs.  New Years is when we make our resolutions to exercise more, eat better and see the world. Get 2018 started on the right foot with a life-changing and inspiring adventure travel experience. Here are […]

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    6 of the Coolest European Mountain Music Festivals

    Panoramic vistas and quality performances from international musical acts combine to prove that festivals are not just for summer. These are the musical mountain events to know, hosted in some of the most awe-inspiring mountain adventure locations in Europe. Strap on your skis and get ready to party on the piste at some of the […]

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    Millennials are Shaping the Travel Industry – For the Better

    Photo by: In recent years, the millennial generation (defined as those born roughly between 1982 and 2002) has been blamed for killing a number of industries in cold blood. Scarred by the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Generation Y’s spending habits are quite different than those of previous generations. As a result, those murderous […]

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    5 of Europe’s Best Hikes and Walking Trails

    May to September is the premium hiking period in Europe, so hit one of these walking trails and get the most out of Europe’s exquisite natural landscape, and its balmy spring-summer weather! Tell us which is your favorite among Europe’s best hikes and walking trails in the comments section below! Photo By: katiedee47 Cinque Terre, Italy The Cinque Terre […]

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    World’s Blokiest Holiday Destinations

    If you’re a man, or you love manly-type-things, we have an blockbuster line-up of ideas that make our entirely subjective list of the world’s best blokiest holiday destinations. Yes, we’re going to indulge in some gender stereotypes here, but we’re sure, no matter who you are, these holiday tips will appeal to your inner bloke! Photo By: Terry […]

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    Best Spring Travel Destinations

    Springtime is a great season to travel, and there are loads of spring travel destinations that will give you some wanderlust and inspire you to book flights. Here are some of our favorites. Photo By: Giovanni Tulips Blooming in Amsterdam The Netherlands is famous for several things: Amsterdam’s red light district, windmills, wooden clogs and […]

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    6 of Europe’s Best Camping Spots

    With spring, summer and autumn upon us this is the perfect time of year to go camping. Whether you’re packing a sleeping bag and camping in the wild, or finding a campsite with amenities like shower blocks and electricity, there’s nothing quite like the joy of sleeping outdoors during the warmer months. Here are some […]