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4 New Years Adventure Getaways to Ring in 2018

It’s not too late to book a last minute adventure and celebrate the New Year away from the overpriced and overstuffed clubs.  New Years is when we make our resolutions to exercise more, eat better and see the world. Get 2018 started on the right foot with a life-changing and inspiring adventure travel experience. Here are just some of the options we’ve scouted out for you that are still available. 

Photo by: CT Cooper

Safari in East Africa


Photo by: Pixabay

Have breakfast in a stately colonial English manor where giraffes stick their heads in through the windows looking for food. The Safari Collection in Nairobi supports conservation and community through sustainability-focused projects addressing the needs of the local wildlife and communities. Here you can also take a guided tour of the giraffe sanctuary where these gentle giants live. Safaris in Maasai Mara and Amboseli offer views of elephants, buffalos and wildebeests while going on a self-driving adventure across the Sanetti plateau might earn you a glimpse of the endangered Ethiopian wolf. Finally, beach parties in Kenya on the inviting white sand are something really special. 

Have the Craic in Ireland


Photo by: Jean van der Sluijs

Wolfhound Adventure Tours offer a New Years package for taking in the gorgeous green coast of Ireland. A selection of hiking, cycling and even horseback tours offer an enchanting way to discover the Ring of Kerry, ancient ruins, the breathtakingly windswept Cliffs of Moher and the famously pretty Dingle peninsula where surfing, kayaking and boat trips abound. The New Year season is the perfect time to huddle up and have the craic by the fire with an Irish coffee in a cosy pub while enjoying the live music and friendly atmosphere. A New Years Eve Parade in the town sees locals singing and pipe bands playing in a procession through the windy little streets before a magnificent fireworks display over the water. Some visitors have said it’s even better than watching the ball drop in across the pond, in New York.

Drive Through the Snowy Baltics

Photo courtesy of: The Baltic Run

If you’ve ever wondered about traveling to underrated Eastern Europe, winter is actually a great time to do it. The Travel Scientists are hosting the Baltic Run, a 9-day driving adventure that offers a fun way to see the under-explored Baltic states. The 2600km trek leaves from Krakow and includes highlights such as driving on the frozen Baltic Sea and partying in Tallin, Estonia where the rally ends.

Hike, Cycle and Kayak in Laos and Cambodia


Photo by: Poswiecie

Explore the Southeast Asian wonders of not just one but two incredible countries with a 12-day multisport adventure from REI Adventures. This is a great chance to experience the warmth of the local cultures (and local temperatures) and explore forests of wild orchids and towering bamboo and ancient Hindu and Buddhist archaeological wonders and UNESCO sites. From cycling through ancient cities to kayaking between limestone mountains, this is a New Years adventure that will surely take you off the beaten path for an unforgettable Asian experience.

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Fiona is half Irish-half Italian and currently lives in Budapest. She is passionate about sustainability and loves nature, traveling and vegan food.

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