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    New Adventure Tourism Developments in India Underway

    New adventure tourism developments in India are taking place in various regions across the country, in activities that include water sports, aero sports and ecotourism. Photo by: A. J. T. Johnsingh, WWF-India and NCF Dehradun – Water and Aero Sports In Dehradun, training will be provided to local youths in adventure activities. A project which will see the state […]

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    The Most Impressive Sailing Races

    Sailing (aka yachting) has got to be one of summer’s most glamorous sports. But as you would find out at any of the world’s major sailing races, it’s not all champagne and sunbathing. In fact sailing races can be some of the world’s most grueling – and dangerous – water sports in the world. Check […]

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    Boarding Now: Paddleboarding, Bodyboarding and What’s SUP

    Three types of boards, three different ways: Bodyboarding, Paddleboarding and Stand-Up Paddling (aka SUP). What are they? What’s the difference? And where can you try it this summer? Grab a board and get on it! Photo By: Jim Pennucci What is Bodyboarding? Bodyboarding utilises a much shorter board than for surfing and you lie on your […]

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    Jet Fuel: The Ultimate Guide to Jet Skiing

    Jet skiing essentially combines the fun of both a water sport and a motor sport. Find out where to go jet wkiing this summer to satisfy your need for speed on water. Photo By: tadekk What is Jet Skiing Jet skis are more formally referred to as “personal water crafts” because the term “Jet Ski” […]

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    Explainer: Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    While water skiing and wake boarding are often confused, it’s easy when you think of it like the difference between skiing and snowboarding. Same same, but different. Our guide on both below will clear any confusion right up, and you can decide, which is best for you – or try both! Photo By: Sean O’Shaughnessy What […]

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    Explainer: Parasailing Vs Kitesurfing

    Parasailing and kite surfing are often mixed up. Both take place on the water and both use a sail of sorts to catch the air  – but these are two completely different water sports. Find out what the differences are between parasailing and kite surfing are here. Photo By: Kenneth Hagemeyer What is Parasailing With parasailing […]

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    Yachting, Sailing and Boating in Europe this Summer

    What’s the difference between yachting, sailing, boating and cruising? Find out here, then, hit the high seas this summer in Europe in a gorgeous yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, or as cool as George Clooney in a power boat in Venice, or on a cruise that takes you slowly down one of Europe’s long dreamy rivers. […]

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    6 of Europe’s Most Glamorous Islands

    Adventure travel is not just about the rough and rugged, but about being exposed to a whole new world. For some of us, the ritz and glitz of some of Europe’s most glamorous islands offer the chance to step into a new world, see somewhere delightful, and enjoy a few hedonistic nights soaking up the […]

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    The World’s Best Snorkelling Spots

    We often write about all the amazing places you can go SCUBA diving, but you don’t need to go deep to see colorful corals and stunning sponges that are teeming with fish, starfish, clams, nudibranch, stingrays, jellyfish and maybe even some bigger animals! Here are the world’s best snorkeling spots. Photo By: Sharon McKellar Menjangan Island, Indonesia […]

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    Beautiful Giant Rivers

    Many of the world’s great communities and cities have formed on the banks of a river, and yet still today millions of people live in smaller towns and villages dotted along the worlds great and small waterways. Here’s are our favourite life-giving beautiful giant rivers that wind there way through some of the worlds great […]