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  • Extreme Sports
    A Brief History of Lawn Mower Racing

    Lawn mower racing is a much-loved pastime across the world with plenty of dedicated riders. Created as a sport intended to reject sponsorship and commercialization, this activity’s affordability makes it a great deal of fun easily accessible for anybody out there with a need for speed. So where did this unorthodox, yet down-to-earth extreme sport come from? Find out in […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    5 of the Most Extreme Spelunking Destinations

    Are you daring enough to venture from the tourist traps and step into the muddy, fragile and sometimes hostile ecosystems found below our Earth’s surface? Caving, or spelunking is an extreme sport that takes you into the mysterious underworld for a physically challenging and enlightening experience. Here are some of the most spectacular and extreme spelunking […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    A Short Guide to Rainforest Adventure Travel

    The rainforests are such special places on our planet that offer a myriad of reasons to visit. Venturing into one promises to be a truly memorable experience. Before you go, however, it’s important to be an informed adventurer and take certain factors into consideration. This short guide to rainforest adventure travel will help point you in […]

  • Informed Traveler
    Spring Festivals with Flower Power

    It’s finally getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Here are some of the best spring festivals around the world – some of which have some serious flower power, others have a life in full color and others yet are just about springtime fun – like the giant water-fight in Thailand! Photo By: Takashi .M Cherry Blossom […]