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    Active and Outdoor Adventures in Morocco Not to be Missed

    Outside of the bustling vibrant towns and cities of this North African kingdom, there is plenty of active and outdoor adventure to be had in Morocco whose landscape almost appears to have been designed for adventure and exploration. Here are some active and outdoor adventures in Morocco you’d be crazy to miss! Photo by: PierreHaut License: […]

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    Adventure Travel in a Wheelchair – Yes It’s Possible

    Adventure travel in a wheelchair? It’s totally possible. While it definitely has its challenges, we at Adventure Herald believe that being a wheelchair user shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world and having great experiences and exciting adventures. Photo by: Gellinger Considering that almost a billion people are living with some sort of disability around the […]

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    How to Stay Fit While Travelling

    Whether you’re going on a short adventure travel holiday, or a longer backpacking trip of months or even years, it pays to stay healthy while travelling. While it can seem impossible with all of the delicious street-food on offer, drinking opportunities galore (did someone say pub crawl?) and having no schedule to keep to, it actually […]