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    Top 10 Off-Road Driving Safety Tips

    Image credit: DVIDSHUB Off-road driving is as exciting as it can get risky. Though there is no special license for off-road drivers, there are a number of tips that you should remember while driving. There is no end to learning, however, here you will find 10 of the most important off-road driving safety precautions that may […]

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    Where to Ski in China

    If you are looking for a place to go skiing this winter outside of Europe, why not head to China? This East Asian country, though not a very well-known destination for adventure travelers, is usually covered in snow in its northern side during the winter. You may not be able to compare the skiing experience […]

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    Konyukhov Set to Fly Around the World in a Balloon

    (Image Credit – Glenna Barlow) Fyodor Konyukhov, the famous Russian adventurer, has recently revealed that he will be flying solo around the world in a balloon, without making any landing. If he succeeds, he will break American traveler Steve Fossett’s record, who was the first person to do such a nonstop adventure. Konyukhov has already […]

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    Join the Motorcycle Relief Ride in India this January

    (Image Credit – Ben Lepley) Get ready to join a new Motorcycle Relief Ride in India the coming January, 2016. The motorcycle journey will cover almost 1118 miles across the Thar Desert of Rajasthan on 500cc Royal Enfield motorcycles. Humanitarian adventure travel company Relief Riders International is arranging this tour as a part of its […]

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    Hawaiian Canoe Voyage Crosses Half the World

    Image credit: HongKongHuey In the seventies, an ancient Polynesian-style sea craft was built and launched to revive native Hawaiian culture, which made its first voyage to Tahiti in 1976. The voyage has recently reached Cape Town, as part of its three-year long world tour, sailing the way how the first Polynesians reached the Hawaiian islands. The […]

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    Swim with Humpback Whales in Western Australia

    Image Credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith Look forward to travelling to Western Australia next year, to pass amazing time underwater with your 45,000 kg friend! Australian government is going to let travelers swim with majestic humpback whales at the World Heritate Site of Ningaloo Marine Park from next year, joining the small number of places – Mexico, […]

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    5 Best Hiking Destinations in Japan

    (Image Credit – Tanaka Juuyoh) Japan is undoubtedly a heaven for hikers. Though the majority of the population lives in the plains, a surprising 70% of Japan’s total land area is mountainous. Among the range of mountains that you will find in this beautiful East Asian country, today we will talk about the most famous five […]