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Top 10 Off-Road Driving Safety Tips

Image credit: DVIDSHUB

Off-road driving is as exciting as it can get risky. Though there is no special license for off-road drivers, there are a number of tips that you should remember while driving. There is no end to learning, however, here you will find 10 of the most important off-road driving safety precautions that may come in handy next time you go on your off-road adventure:

Do Not Speed Up

4x4 speed

You don’t wanna fly with your 4×4, do you? (Image credit: Four Wheeler)

Unless you need to climb a hill or get over an obstacle, speed is the number one thing to avoid. If an obstacle comes up that requires too much speed, be sure that you will either damage your car or get stuck. Drive “as slow as possible, as fast as necessary”.  Manage engine power, braking and torque efficiently with the gears.

Don’t Get Lost

4x4 off road route

Trying new routes may not take you to the desired destination. (Image credit: Thibault Le Mer)

Always let someone know about your destination and the time of your departure and arrival before going somewhere, no matter how risk-free that area is. You can get lost or harmed even in simple terrains, so it is better if someone knows about the place to go searching if you cannot contact with them. Take their phone number and also the local sheriff’s contact number so that you can call if there is an emergency.

Have a Companion Around


You don’t have to bring all of your pals though. (Image credit: EcoFotos Adilson Moralez)

Make sure that you have some other vehicle driving along with you. This will be handy if your vehicle gets damaged to the point that you cannot fix it in site. And it is always better to have someone to solve problems in case you are stuck.

Don’t Forget to Pack Up Extra Gear


Try to pack up wisely though! (Image credit: Wapster)

No matter how confident you are about your vehicle and your trip, you should pack extra gear, supplies and tools with you. Take extra clothes, sleeping bag, water and medical emergencies too, in case you need them.

Fasten Your Gear

4x4 off road gear

You don’t want to lose your gear, trust us! (Image credit: Off-Road)

Keep the gear secured in a place so that it does not bounce off the vehicle some time without you noticing. Unfastened gear may also hurt someone inside the vehicle.

Buckle Up


No need to say that seatbelt is vital. (Image credit: Driving)

Make sure that everyone aboard including you is wearing the seatbelts. You never know when an accident can come.

Follow the Path that You Know

off road trail

Do not jump into an adventure and create your own path! (Image credit: Gas Guzzy)

Do not leave the trail and do not go exploring a new territory. If there is no path, it is better to assume that someone may have tried that way before but failed. Or even if they have not failed, there is no guarantee that you will succeed either. Going off the trail may also damage the environment.

Don’t Drive If You are Tired

driving tired

Don’t drive tired! You can pullover, take some rest and enjoy your relaxing time. (Image credit: Beth)

Do not drive when you are tired. Fatigue may cause you to lose concentration and result in an accident. If you feel even a little tired, either rest or ask someone else to drive for some time.

Tools are Vital

bicycle repairman

Repair kit can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. (Image credit: HelpAge International)

Take your tools with you so that you can do repair works in case there is some problem on the way. Take a hand winch, tow strap, high-lift jack, shovel and wood blocks.

Check the Road before You Proceed

off road route check

You really may want to check the condition of the road before you proceed. (Image credit: Ballin’ on a Budget)

If you need to examine the terrain or soil condition on the way, get out of the vehicle and check rather than proceeding with your vehicle. You should also check the other side of a hill before going ahead.

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