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    What Visitors to Jamaica Need to Know About the Gun Violence

    Jamaica’s officials declared a state of emergency last Thursday following a spate of violent crime and killings. As military operations are underway to curb the violence, visitors are faced with questions around whether Jamaica is safe to visit at this time and how drastic the situation really is. Here is what visitors to Jamaica need to […]

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    Trump Plans to Cut 2 Million Acres of National Park Land in Utah

    Donald Trump has announced plans to cut 2 million acres of protected national monument land in Utah. The unprecedented move has angered environmentalists, outdoor sports groups and Native Americans, with several Native tribes and environmental groups planning to take litigious action against Trump. Many critics of the action view it as a step toward allowing fossil […]

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    About that Heli-Skiing Gets a Shiny New Platform

    A new online booking platform, Heli, aims to make unusual adventure sports such as heli-skiing more accessible to the masses by linking operators in one hub. One of the most adrenaline-fuelled extreme mountain adventure activities out there, heli-skiing is legendary for allowing participants to ski untapped wilderness terrain. The new platform launched last month and […]