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    5 of the Most Extreme Spelunking Destinations

    Are you daring enough to venture from the tourist traps and step into the muddy, fragile and sometimes hostile ecosystems found below our Earth’s surface? Caving, or spelunking is an extreme sport that takes you into the mysterious underworld for a physically challenging and enlightening experience. Here are some of the most spectacular and extreme spelunking […]

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    7 Places Best to Explore by Kayaking

    Kayaking is an ancient activity that has changed tremendously over the years. Originally used by Inuit people for hunting, today’s kayaks can be paddled on practically any body of water and in just about any environment. It’s been growing in popularity as a great workout and stress reliever. With experiences ranging anywhere between serene and […]

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    Visit These Vanishing Natural Wonders Made by Water While You Still Can

    Stephen Hawking recently made the grim prediction that in 600 years, Earth will become “a sizzling ball of fire” due to human population growth and increasing demands for energy. Along with increasing temperatures, climate change is destroying many of the greatest wonders of the natural world. Water is a precious resource whos sheer force over billions of years has shaped […]

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    Millennials are Shaping the Travel Industry – For the Better

    Photo by: In recent years, the millennial generation (defined as those born roughly between 1982 and 2002) has been blamed for killing a number of industries in cold blood. Scarred by the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Generation Y’s spending habits are quite different than those of previous generations. As a result, those murderous […]

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    New Zealand Travel Guide

    New Zealand is situation on two islands, known as the North Island and South Island. Both islands have a different feel with the north being a bit flatter, made up of farmland, coastal areas with beaches and quaint little coastal villages. It has many cultural sites that are important for getting to known Maori traditions […]

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    Best Camping Spots in Australia and New Zealand

    A holiday in the land Down Under (Australia) or across the Tasman Sea to the land of the silver fern (New Zealand) would not be complete without at least one camping experience. Both countries are known for their beautiful natural landscapes, and camping traditions. In both countries you’ll find camp spots with excellent facilities (although camp sites […]

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    Best Spring Travel Destinations

    Springtime is a great season to travel, and there are loads of spring travel destinations that will give you some wanderlust and inspire you to book flights. Here are some of our favorites. Photo By: Giovanni Tulips Blooming in Amsterdam The Netherlands is famous for several things: Amsterdam’s red light district, windmills, wooden clogs and […]

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    Classic Backpacking in Australia Routes

    Australia is a major backpacker destination particularly for backpackers from the UK, Europe, the US and New Zealand. However, because Australia is a very expensive country, most backpackers are looking for ways to get the most out of the Aussie dollar by combining a backpacking trip with some work or study. Plus, the airfares to […]