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Most Adventurous Hotels in the World

Visiting any of the most adventurous hotels will make you think you are the only person in the world who had a perfect holiday. Yes, we know it sounds unlikely, but believe us, perfect holidays are existing, in a form of visiting the most unique and breathtaking hotels around the world.

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR1: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

most adventurous hotels

Image Credit: letsgomaldives

This fabulous underwater hotel has high-end villas spread across 2 private islands, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. If you are in love with water sports, you cannot find a better hotel to stay. Undersea dining, swimming, water sports center and fishes right next to you while you are having breakfast. Click here to book a room at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island!

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR2: River Kwai Floating Hotel, Thailand

Image Credit: thaimedicalnews

Image Credit: thaimedicalnews

The River Kwai Floatel is only accessible by boat, so here we are again, being a real water sports fan is a must at this destination. Jungle raft is available, moreover guests can try “river jump” from their own hotel or rafting down the river.       Click here to book a room at River Kwai Floating Hotel!

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR3: Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

Image Credit: 4.bp.blogspot

Image Credit: 4.bp.blogspot

Three-star accommodation built atop the mountain with a picturesque view and several hiking opportunities. The exclusivity of the hotel is due to the dual role of the building, Jested is not only a hotel but also a TV tower. Despite being a 3 stars facility, the interior of the hotel is similar to a 4 star hotel. So don’t believe the stars, but your eyes.     Click here to book a room at Hotel Jested!

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR4: Lumiere Telluride, Colorado

Image Credit: images.trvl-media

Image Credit: images.trvl-media

Located in the Mountain village providing skiing and avalanching experiences Lumiere Telluride is one of the most charming boutique hotels of Colorado. If you don’t want to miss the winter adventures, you should check this place which is full of with action-packed programs. Paragliding, river rafting ice climbing and Nordic skiing are also among the numerous facilities here.

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR5: Explora Patagonia, Chile

Image Credit: true5stars

Image Credit: true5stars

Our next destination in the most adventurous hotels list takes us to Chile, Explora Patagonia which is the hotel of endless daily activities. The hotel is set on a lake below the rock horns of the legendary Torres del Paine National Park. The daily menu consists of half and full day hiking activities, exploration tours and boating desperately close to glaciers.     Click here to book a room at Explora Patagonia!

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR6: Uma By Como, Bhutan

Image Credit:comohotels

Image Credit: comohotels

Como in Bhutan is definitely one of the most adventurous hotels in the world due to its highest altitude and the surrounding nature. Wide variety of guided hiking, biking, trekking or climbing the famous Bhutan’s cliff faces, this place is the home of the total calmness. Monasteries, wellness, nature, mountains, even yoga classes or whatever you need.     Click here to book a room at Uma by Como!

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR7: Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Image Credit: ioniceland

Image Credit: ioniceland

As the hotel of natural phenomenon, this hotel was set just at the foot of a volcano and it is also surrounded by hot springs. The building is structured as close as possible to hiking trails in an award winning architectural fashion. Rafting, kayaking, glacier tours are more than common here, and swimming between the fissure of North America and Eurasia is also a great experience. With excellent focus on the Northern Lights, this is one of the ultimate experience of traveling.    Click here to book a room at Ion Adventure Hotel! 

Most Adventurous Hotels in the World NR8: Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia

Image Credit: saffire-freycine

Image Credit: saffire-freycinet

The location of this hotel is amazing, sitting on the Freycinet Peninsula where hiking is the main attraction, but canoeing, kayaking, fishing and mountain biking is also provided. After a day-long sport activity, what else could be better than tasting Tasmanian wine and beer from the minibar of the luxury rooms?    Click here to book a room at Saffire-Freycinet!

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