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    Get Dirty! Dirt Bike Riding Trails

    A dirt bike is a kind of motorcycle that’s made for off-road riding and riding or racing along trails through bush, and rockier or muddier surfaces. Remember to get trained up first and have the right safety gear on at all times. Stay safe and have fun at these – some of the world’s most exciting […]

  • Motorbike Adventures
    9 Weird Motor Sports

    Motor sports are definitely not limited to those in the F1 Grand Prix or MotoGP categories. There are lots of weird and wonderful motor sports for competition and fun! Here are 10 of the weirdest motor sports around… Photo By: Charley Price Mudding AKA Mud Bogging Mud bogging (or mudding) is an off-road motor sport […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Join the Motorcycle Relief Ride in India this January

    (Image Credit – Ben Lepley) Get ready to join a new Motorcycle Relief Ride in India the coming January, 2016. The motorcycle journey will cover almost 1118 miles across the Thar Desert of Rajasthan on 500cc Royal Enfield motorcycles. Humanitarian adventure travel company Relief Riders International is arranging this tour as a part of its […]

  • Adventure Travel in Oceania
    How to Drive a Lap of Australia

    Ever wanted to grab a caravan, motorhome or a 4×4, a surfboard and a guitar and set off on a road trip around Australia? If yes, then you’re in luck. One of the world’s longest national highways takes you on a grand journey right around the continent. Along the way you’ll pass through all of the country’s […]

  • Extreme Adventure Records
    Guinness World Records Broken by Motorcyclists

    Motorcyclists are known for their commitment to being on the two-wheels whenever they want to feel comfortable. They become one body with their motorbikes while riding through a racetrack, an off-road track or a highway. This dedication serves for a divine aim and a sole powerful motivation that keeps them stay strong on the two-wheels. […]

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    The 5 Best Motorbike Adventures

    There is no adventure that can compete with getting on two wheels and revving off into the sunset. While undertaking your very own Easy Rider inspired road trip on home territory definitely counts as an adventure, it’s just that bit more exciting when you take your two wheels abroad chasing the best motorbike adventures in […]