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    A Brief History of Lawn Mower Racing

    Lawn mower racing is a much-loved pastime across the world with plenty of dedicated riders. Created as a sport intended to reject sponsorship and commercialization, this activity’s affordability makes it a great deal of fun easily accessible for anybody out there with a need for speed. So where did this unorthodox, yet down-to-earth extreme sport come from? Find out in […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Active and Outdoor Adventures in Morocco Not to be Missed

    Outside of the bustling vibrant towns and cities of this North African kingdom, there is plenty of active and outdoor adventure to be had in Morocco whose landscape almost appears to have been designed for adventure and exploration. Here are some active and outdoor adventures in Morocco you’d be crazy to miss! Photo by: PierreHaut License: […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    The Most Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2018

    A memorable adventure experience doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as these top budget-friendly travel destinations for 2018 prove. The adventure travel destinations on our list are among the cheapest places to travel as well as offering some of the most wonderful sights and experiences and thrilling adventure activities. If you want to […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventure Travel in Azerbaijan – A Brief Guide

    You may not have Azerbaijan on your radar for adventure travel, or even know much about this young republic with its often troubled history, except that it hosted the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in the capital of Baku in the summer of 2016. If you’re looking for quirky and unusual adventure travel destinations, the […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventure Travel in Scotland – Top Things to Do

    As far as adventure travel destinations go, Scotland has a lot to offer as a world-class natural playground. There are a number of unusual and interesting extreme sports to try in Scotland, probably one of the best adventure travel destinations on the planet. Although it may be ‘wee’, it has a lot of adventure packed […]

  • Motoring Adventures
    Essential Winter Road Trip Tips for Europe

    Winter road trips can be challenging but exciting. Although cold, many parts of Europe are great fun to explore in winter and this is a great time to satisfy your winter wanderlust. If your driving route will be taking you through regions where temperatures are low and the terrain is snowy or icy, some extra prior […]