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  • Water Sport Adventures
    Best Beaches Known for Water Sports

    No doubt you’re heading to a beach this summer, but if you’re more into adventure sports than sun tanning on the sand all day, then one of these best beaches for water sports should grab your attention. Or, you could criss-cross the globe and check out all of these beaches ūüėČ Photo By: Harsha KR […]

  • Extreme Sports
    Cliff Jumping: The Wildest Cliff Diving Locations

    With the hot months just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re taking a look at the world’s top cliff jumping locations. Giant cliffs over clear waters are a great find for those who enjoy cliff diving, and usually found on islands or coastal areas, but sometimes in canyons or waterfalls over rivers as […]

  • Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia
    Classic Southeast Asia Backpacking Routes

    Southeast Asia is one of the most popular backpacking destinations on earth. Relatively cheap and tourist friendly, it’s a magnet for¬†people in their 20s taking a gap year to backpack around this magnificent part of the world. Whether you’re into beaches and islands, full moon parties, surfing or scuba diving, bike riding around rice terrace […]

  • Equestrian Adventures & Animal Power
    Where to Swim with Whale Sharks

    Is it a whale? Is it a shark? No, this beautifully majestic giant of the ocean is actually a huge¬†fish, NOT the scary ‚ÄúJaws‚ÄĚ kind of shark – despite its name. Famous for their spotty complexion and their¬†big mouths they’re¬†filter feeders, meaning they open up wide and let water rush into their mouths getting nutrients […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    New Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand

    The¬†Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the launch of a new multiple entry tourist visa for Thailand (METV), which will be available from 13th November 2015. The visa will cost 5000 baht (approximately 124‚ā¨) and enable the owner to exit and enter Thailand as often as he wants to, within a period of 6 months. […]

  • Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia
    Some Honest Advice for Your Adventure in Thailand

    Tropical Thailand with its paradise-like beaches, the jungle-covered mountains in the north, its fascinating culture and highly praised food, has been a dream destination for many adventurers for decades. And even though tourism becomes more and more mainstream and one resort after the other is produced out of thin air, Thailand has still some adventures […]