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    Active and Outdoor Adventures in Morocco Not to be Missed

    Outside of the bustling vibrant towns and cities of this North African kingdom, there is plenty of active and outdoor adventure to be had in Morocco whose landscape almost appears to have been designed for adventure and exploration. Here are some active and outdoor adventures in Morocco you’d be crazy to miss! Photo by: PierreHaut License: […]

  • Aerial Adventures
    The World’s Most Thrilling Air Races

    There’s nothing more exciting then seeing the agility of small planes doing incredible feats and tricks. The sound of the roaring engines overhead, the extraordinary skill of the pilots and sheer spectacle of seeing planes zip and zoom in the sky yet so close to earth. Read on to find the world’s most thrilling air […]

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    Where to Learn How to Fly a Plane

    There’s nothing quite like the thrill of flying, but if you’re wanting to take your in-air action to the next level it might be time for you to learn to fly a plane yourself! Here is everything you need to know about recreational flying for those who want to take up the very cool hobby […]

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    Scenic Helicopter Flight Locations

    Riding in a helicopter is not something everyone gets to do. Even those bursting with frequent flyer points, often have never set foot in a helicopter. Here are some of the world’s best scenic helicopter flight locations, and for those with the need for something a little more extreme, here are some of the spots […]

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    How to Skydive from a Helicopter

    Most people assume that you can only skydive out of a plane, usually one of those small fixed-wing planes that have been especially converted for jumps. But, actually, skydiving from a helicopter is becoming an increasingly popular twist on this adventure sport, for those who want to add a bit more thrill to their thrill-seeking […]