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    Adventures You Can Have in the Baltic States

    Europe’s top north-western corner on the Baltic Sea is often forgotten about while many struggle to pin point it on a map. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are countries that can offer much to adventurous travelers with adrenaline pumping activities from driving across a frozen sea to bungee jumping out of a cable car. If you love adventure […]

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    Not a Joke: Vienna-Tehran Tourist Train to be Launched

    Photo by kuknauf. As the railway connections shut down in Central Europe, as Austrian Federal Railways announce yet another suspension of all of their trains on the Vienna-Budapest route due to the growing refugee crisis, news from Tehran says that Austria and Iran have just agreed to launch a new luxury train tour that links the […]

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    Reasons to Visit Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is one of the world’s most mysterious countries, tucked inside Central Asia, this secretive country has the toughest visa requirements in the whole region, so it goes without saying not many people visit Turkmenistan. But visa issues aside, not many people know what Turkmenistan has to offer for the adventurous traveler, from ancient lost cities […]

  • Real Adventurers
    The World’s Most Adventurous Animals

    Adventure and travel is not only for humans, since our furry little friends don’t just make great companions at home, but also on the road. You’ve heard of the stories of the cat that walked miles to come home, the dog that will follow its owner round the world, and more recently the cat the ended up […]

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    Why You Should Visit Armenia

    Tucked away between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, Armenia is a country that falls of the radar for most, and sometimes gets picked up in the mainstream media thanks to Kim Kardashian and her Klan. However, don’t let the Kardashian Konnection put you off this amazing and underrated country. While Yerevan is a cosmopolitan hotspot […]

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    7 Reasons to Visit Iran

    When even the most seasoned traveler says he or she is going to Iran, they are often met with terrified stares and pleas for them to reconsider. Despite it’s reputation, Iran is actually a place full of promise, and with the recent Iran visa waivers making it easier for most Westerners to visit, it’s set […]

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    6 Best Roadside Car Fixing Hacks You Should Know About

    Photo by the Caucasian Challenge. When you’re riding the remote roads of Central Asia or the dusty deserts of Rajasthan on a car rally or self drive adventure, your car will break down one point or another. If you have the luxury of a garage or a nearby mechanic on your travels, then all is […]

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    The Craziest Extreme Sports You Probably Don’t Know About

    It should go without saying that extreme sports do exactly what they say on the tin: they’re extreme and they’re a type of sport. However, for those adrenaline junkies for whom the sheer risk factor is not enough, there are some nutty sporting events and activities out there that really put the crazy back into […]