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Best Motocross Tracks in the World You Have to Try Out!

Your greatest desire in life is to get adrenaline pumping in your system, and almost nothing can compare to a good race on the dirt track. Adventure Herald brings you the best motocross tracks in the world, so you can have a chance to experience your very own motorbike adventures.
The dirt tracks we have prepared stand out from the rest, thanks to the course design, the terrain, the size and the unique features. If you have the chance to visit some of these places, make sure not to miss an opportunity to really get your blood flowing.

Image credit: johnthescone

Ernee: France

Ernee France

Ernee MX (Image credit: MXBrothers)

First on our list is Ernee motocross track, located near the French village bearing the same name. The reason why it is belongs to some of the best motocross tracks category is simple; thrilling twists and turns are never ending, and the drop offs are quite impressive. The track is 1,548 meters long and it has the capacity to accommodate a crowd of 40,000 spectators, as the biked race on a dirt-based ground.

The track has been around for quite some time, having opened in early 1970s. A number of FIM World Motocross Championship events have been held here over the years, while the biggest one of them all, Motocross of Nations has also marked its presence on the Ernee motocross track.

Spring Creek: Minnesota, USA

Spring-Creek moto

Spring Creek MX (Image credit: Trackreviewers)

This is the one you have to try out by all means. RebBull stages their events here, and there’s an obvious reason as to why that is. Spring Creek MX is one of the best motocross tracks in the world thanks to its impeccable design. It has it all: great drop offs, plenty of tight turns allowing you to overtake your competition and wide space that gives you greater freedom. Spring Creek MX offers you perhaps the best of adventure travel in North America.

Sevlievo – Bulgaria

sevlievo moto

Sevlievo Race Track (Image credit: Derestricted)

When you go on an adventure travel in the Balkans, the Sevlievo motocross track should rank highly on your list of destinations. The racetrack has exceptional features that will make you want to stay for a number of days in this small village, just so you can experience all the thrills of the track over and over again.

There a total of 18 corners, while riders can jump 28 times during a single lap. The track’s trademark is the uphill and downhill parts that make use of the hillside terrain. This part alone will give you unforgettable moments. It’s safe to say that this motocross track is unlike no other.

Matterley Basin – UK

matterley basin

Matterley Basin Race Track (Image credit: MXGP)

Are you a fan of green pasture and long, long views that stretch into the distance? Then UK’s Matterley Basin is the place for you. This track offers a different feel to the riders than the ones found in Eastern Europe Travel Adventures. The racetrack stretches to 1,640 meters on hard pack soil, so riders will surely has loads of fun.

Pastures surround the area around the track, so the atmosphere is quite pure, and offer the riders unobstructed views when they go up on a jump. Motocross GP events take place here regularly, due to its unique setting and great atmosphere.

Loket – Czech Republic


Loket Motocross Track (Image credit: Befurious)

Loket MX one of those motocross tracks that has a traditional feel to it. There are no distractions on the side – all you have to do is focus on the road ahead of you to have a great time. When you’re traveling through the Czech Republic make a scheduled stop at Loket and go for a few laps around the track, although we doubt you’ll be able to stop yourself from going again even after the 30th lap. Yes, it’s that good!

The track opened back in 1973, while more than 20 years later it held the first motocross event. Today, it hosts many different events, and any biker that has been on this track will tell you that it’s definitely one of the best motocross tracks in the world.

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