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    How Technology is Influencing Adventure Travel

    Without a doubt, the technology revolution has had a massive influence on the way we travel and continues to do so. Adventure travel news and guides can be accessed with the touch of a button and it takes just moments to book flights and accommodation from your Smartphone. Nowadays, the informed adventurer uses technology every […]

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    How to Use Google Destinations Feature

    Recently, travel enthusiasts are bothered with the question of how to use Google Destinations as it is the new revolutionary tool of Google which is dedicated to travelers solely. There is no single month that Google leaves us without a new technological development. The new tool of Google, Destinations has revolutionary features since it renders […]

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    Best Hiking Apps 2016

    The best hiking apps make your life much easier than you would think. Imagine your hiking tour without google maps and useful applications collected on your smartphone. You might lose your way in every second minute, and it would take days to plan even the simplest journey. Download some of these best hiking apps we […]

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    Essential Travel Apps for Your Adventure Travels

    Apps. You can never have too many. Make your upcoming holiday go smoothly by downloading these essential travel apps designed to make your life easier. Photo By: Vodafone Medien Skyscanner Search, compare and book cheap flights. There’s the computer version of the site of course, but the Skyscanner app let’s you book on the go, […]