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    Tips for Adventure Traveling as a Couple

    Whether you are planning an unforgettable adventure proposal, looking for the ultimate adventurous honeymoon destination or looking to reconnect with your partner in a wild and exciting setting, there is no denying that adventure travel and romance go well together. While travelling alone is definitely a great thing to do, and some would argue, important […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    The Top 4 Adventure Travel Destinations in 2018

    Planning an adventure travel trip for next year and need some inspiration? The four countries on this list have been widely rated as some of the best adventure Travel Destinations in 2018. As for the best adventure travel destinations that should be on your bucket list, these four countries offer exhilarating experiences that, in our book, are […]

  • Extreme Mountain Adventures
    Wondrous Waterfalls: The World’s Biggest Waterfalls

    Standing under a giant waterfall will have you in awe of mother nature, and the power of gallons of water thundering down the side of a gorge or cliff-face. We’ve already written about insane natural water slides, but what are the world’s biggest waterfalls that are actually some of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Photo By: Stefan […]

  • Adventure Travel in Western Europe
    Year-Round Adventure Sports in the Pyrenees

    The Pyrenees are kind of considered the poor cousin of the French Alps, yet this is unjustified because the Pyrenees are a glorious mountain range straddling the France-Spain border and offer a more rustic experience than most other European mountain ranges for year-round sports lovers. There isn’t the ritz and glitz of the ski resorts of […]

  • Extreme Mountain Adventures
    Don’t Look Down: Cliff Hanging Hikes

    We have already written about the world’s most dangerous roads, and the world’s most dangerous suspension bridges, plus the most epic big wall climbs but what about the world’s most exhilarating cliff hanging hikes that can literally take you over the edge? These cliff hanging hikes prove that sometimes even putting one foot in front of […]

  • Extreme Mountain Adventures
    Introduction to Big Wall Climbing

    Big wall climbing is a form of rock-climbing that takes what can be a relatively easy adventure sport to the extreme level. It involves climbing a giant cliff face or stone wall, that potentially has several pitches. Big wall climbing usually requires plenty of experience, and it can be a challenge even for experienced climbers. However, for […]

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    Adventure Records Beyond Belief

    (Image credit: Spiegel) Do you know where the world’s highest gig was played, or the first person who managed to climb the Triple Seven Summits? There are many extreme adventure records in the world we have never heard about, so here are some of them you can definitely realize to broaden our horizons and to look up to these […]