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Adventure Travel Destinations
Where to Ski in China

If you are looking for a place to go skiing this winter outside of Europe, why not head to China? This East Asian country, though not a very well-known destination for adventure travelers, is usually covered in snow in its northern side during the winter. You may not be able…

Adventure Travel in North America
Where to Ski in Canada

In the Northern Hemisphere winter is well and truly getting underway, and with the drop in temperatures comes a distinct increase in the number of your friends jetting off on skiing holidays. Your Facebook newsfeed will soon be filled with your coolest friends heading skiing or snowboarding everywhere from the Alps…

Adventure Travel in Oceania
Adventures in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a mysterious land that seemingly few know much about, and it’s certainly not on the typical tourist-route. However, for adventure travellers – with plenty of planning and street smarts – Papua New Guinea is undoubtedly a treasure trove. Just remember that Papua New Guinea is not 100%…

Adventure Travel in Central America
The World’s Best Wreck Dives

The pleasures of the world’s best wreck dives are many and varied. It could be to challenge yourself in terms of depth, buoyancy and navigation; or to discover what sea-life has made the sunken object home. For other divers, wreck dives are about seeing a snapshot of history, or to discover what objects might be…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Adventurous Hot Air Ballooning Spots

There’s something incredibly romantic about hot air balloon flights. The thought of silently floating through the sky in a huge basket, with simply the sound of the gas burner filling the giant, colourful balloon above, as you are steered over a majestic location has a certain tranquility to it. While…

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Where to Swim with Whale Sharks

Is it a whale? Is it a shark? No, this beautifully majestic giant of the ocean is actually a huge fish, NOT the scary “Jaws” kind of shark – despite its name. Famous for their spotty complexion and their big mouths they’re filter feeders, meaning they open up wide and let water rush…

Extreme Sports
Caving Guide for Beginners

A visit to some touristically developed caves has sparked your passion for the dark side and now you want to get into the real stuff and try proper caving? Rest assured that many adventures lie ahead of you in this world of , underground streams, waterfalls and bizarre forms and…