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Adventure Travel in Oceania
How to Celebrate Australia Day

Have  you been to cities that never close down? Like New York, and Rio, and old London town? Well, no matter how far or how wide you roam, if you still call Australia home – or even if you don’t – here’s your “how to celebrate Australia Day essential guide.”…

Adventure Travel in North America
Tornado Chasing is the New Extreme Adventure of the Era

What is the most extreme adventure destination you can imagine? Freediving in Indonesia, or ice-climbing in Norway? Maybe these sound too chilled. Shark-cage diving in Australia, or extreme kayaking in Chile? Still not enough? Well then, we have the ultimate adventure for you: tornado chasing in the United States.  Tornado Alley in America might be…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Most Beautiful Deserts in the World

Most of us conjure images of red rolling sand dunes next to a bright blue, cloudless sky when we think of desert scenes. But the most beautiful deserts in the world are made of various kinds of deserts, some are made up of vast salt planes, others have shrubs and…

Adventure Travel Destinations
7 Island Getaways to Escape Winter

It’s cold pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere at the moment, and it’s time to take a quick break to somewhere warmer. These island getaways to escape winter are for those who want to get an enviable tan while combining lazing on the beach with some real adventure. Happy…

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Adventure Travel News
Beautiful Photos from a Kayak by Tomasz Furmanek

Recently, the wonderful photos of photographer/IT worker/solo adventurer Tomasz Furmanek have caught our eye. The photos were taken as he was kayaking around Norway’s fjords during a few months of solo travel. We think his photos are simply stunning and that they do inspire going on an adventure – even if…

Adventure Travel in Central Europe
Where to Ski in Austria

The ski resorts of the Central Alps, aka the Austrian Alps, are a magnet for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Much of the eastern part of Austria is peppered with ski resorts, whether it’s perfect powder, summer skiing or après-ski luxury you’re after. With the winter season kicking…

Adventure Travel in Antarctica
5 Extreme Marathons Worth Traveling For

We can all agree that the average extremely fit person could run a marathon if they trained hard enough, but the following crazy extreme marathons are for the ultra-fit, who can not only run 42.195 kilometers in a reasonable time under normal conditions, but can also brave extreme weather conditions like icy…

Adventure Travel in North America
Adventure Holidays in Greenland

It’s one of those funny little ironies in the world: Iceland is quite green and Greenland is quite icy, but the icy island has a lot more to offer than endless frozen water. Greenland is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. About…

Travel in Extreme Climates
Travel to the North Pole

Fancy standing at the point where your only option is to head south? The only answer is for you to travel to the North Pole. Arguably made more famous by Michael Palin’s TV documentary Pole to Pole, and known to many children as the home of Santa Claus and his gift factory, the…

Extreme Adventure Records
Would You Go On a Manned Mission to Mars?

You could say this is the ultimate adventure, the most extreme exploration of the unknown that dwarfs (literally) anything done before on Earth: human beings landing – and even living – on Mars. And now a new movie and some high profile space missions have reignited interest in the real possibility of…