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Adventure Travel Destinations
5 of the Most Extreme Spelunking Destinations

Are you daring enough to venture from the tourist traps and step into the muddy, fragile and sometimes hostile ecosystems found below our Earth’s surface? Caving, or spelunking is an extreme sport that takes you into the mysterious underworld for a physically challenging and enlightening experience. Here are some of the…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Glacial Travel Destinations Melting Fast

Glaciers, as well as being amazing phenomena for us to behold, are extremely precious as they hold the majority of the world’s freshwater supply.  If they were to all melt tomorrow, the world’s water levels would rise by a whopping 70 meters. At present, many of the world’s glaciers are…

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A Brief History of Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn mower racing is a much-loved pastime across the world with plenty of dedicated riders. Created as a sport intended to reject sponsorship and commercialization, this activity’s affordability makes it a great deal of fun easily accessible for anybody out there with a need for speed. So where did this unorthodox, yet down-to-earth extreme sport…

Extreme Mountain Adventures
A Beginner’s Guide to Mountainboarding

Originally deriving from snowboarding, mountainboarding, or dirtboarding, is a somewhat unknown sport that has a lot of attractions nonetheless. Having been around for two decades, today it is a well-established sport with its own culture and is practiced in over 30 countries. However, if you haven’t heard of it, you’re…

Adventure Travel Destinations
5 of the Best Deserts for Adventure Travel

Despite their barrenness and inhospitality to life, there is something enchanting about the world’s great deserts that draws waves of visitors willing to brave the heat and lack of water. In fact there’s more to do in the deserts than you might think. Whether it’s 4×4 motoring adventures, sand boarding or camel…