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    California’s Giant Sequoias Endangered by Drought

    We might be about to lose some of the oldest living creatures on earth. The ongoing drought in California, which has entered its fifth year, is threatening the ancient species Sequoiadendron giganteum, better known as giant sequoia in the redwoods. Covering the earth already for 200 million years, giant sequoias are by now only found […]

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    Bangkok Got Hit by Bomb Attack in Main Touristic Area

    Thailand’s capital Bangkok got hit by an explosion on Monday evening, around 7 pm local time during rush hour. According to officials, a bomb on a motorbike has detonated near Rajprasong junction in district Pathum Wan, in front of Erawan Shrine. The shrine is a Hindu place of worship and also a popular tourist attraction. It […]

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    Bold New Record in Slacklining Almost 300 m above Ground.

    A daring Canadian has allegedly set a new record in slacklining for the longest free solo highline walk. Spencer Seabrooke, originally from British Columbia crossed a 64 m long slackline, strained between the two cliffs of the Chief North Gully in Squamish. Beneath him 290 m of vast emptiness. The 26 year old Spencer used neither […]

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    Great Grandma Oldest Woman Who has Climbed Kilimanjaro

    The free standing Kilimanjaro with its snow covered peak is a challenge for every hiker. Now an 85 year old great grandmother, Anne Lorimor from Arizona, has successfully conquered Africa’s highest mountain as the oldest woman to ever reach its summit. With her impressive hike she has shown fellow seniors that life and adventure don’t […]

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    Green Light For Trekking In The Annapurna Region

    Picture: Vera & Jean-Christophe   Three months after the last aftershocks from two disastrous earthquakes that hit Nepal, during which more than 9000 people died and several UNESCO heritage sites were severely damaged, Annapurna, one of Nepal’s most popular trekking regions, has officially been declared safe for travelers. A government commissioned report, in which one of Nepal’s biggest […]

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    First Guide for Iraqi Kurdistan Released

    Picture: Adam Jones   The first comprehensive guide for Iraqi Kurdistan has been released by an American tour company with more than 30 years traveling experience in the region. As one of the cradles of civilization, Kurdistan is home to countless archaeological sites. The capital Erbil, for example, dates back as far as 5000 BC […]

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    Iran Records Second Hottest Temperature Ever!

    As a heatwave engulfs the Middle East, Iran hasn’t had it easy. In Bandar Mahshahr in the Persian Gulf, thermometers shot up to a whopping 74°C (165°F) “heat index”, which is the measurement of how hot it feels for the body, on Friday, 7 August 2015. The temperature might not be absolute, but when you take […]

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    Summer in Croatia: Tourism Under Threat From Wildfires

    Croatia has become Europe’s summertime darling with its rocky coastline, turquoise waters and popular beaches and islands, but it looks like things are smoky on the horizon as the headlines spout out: Croatian tourism under threat from wildfires. Recently, hundreds of Croatian firefighters  battled against raging wildfires on the Adriatic coast and along the islands right in […]

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    Snowboarders vs. Skiers in Utah

    The fight between snowboarders and skiers in Utah, a fight that is as old as the invention of the boards itself, enters the next round in the Alta Ski Area. The local resort, which has been opened in 1939, is one of the oldest in the country, but it is also one of the last […]

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    Travelers Can Save Iranian Hammams

    Will Iran soon lose an important part of its cultural heritage? While three decades ago, the typical hammam still attracted several dozen visitors daily, today the owners of the few remaining Iranian hammams are happy to be serving three customers a day. With almost every Iranian household being equipped with showers and baths, these institutions […]