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    Hasankeyf: an Endangered Historical Site in Turkey

    Hasankeyf Prepares to Become a Modern Atlantis Today, the construction of Ilisu Dam threatens the existence of the beautiful town of Hasankeyf, located in Batman Province of Turkey, in the Southeastern part of the country. According to the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works of Turkey, the dam will be completed by the 23rd of December, 2015. […]

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    Brazilian Visa Requirements for US Citizens Might Be Lifted

    Chances are good, that Americans might have significantly less hassle getting a visa for Brazil during the Olympic Summer Games in 2016. Currently US citizens have to apply in advance for a Brazilian visa in the embassy closest to their place of residence, providing a proof of income and different other documents besides a visa […]

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    Australian Tourism Campaign Focuses on Aboriginal Australia

    Even though Aboriginal experiences, an important part of the Australia’s tourism industry, can add that little extra to a trip to the continent, hardly any international tourists participate in travel experiences and activities connected to Aboriginal Australia and culture. According to the Australian tourism board, most tourists are discouraged by the assumption that such experiences […]

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    Tunisian New Terror Law Passes

    After two recent deadly attacks on tourists in Tunisia, the popular destination in North Africa struggles. Now a Tunisian new terror law has been passed, that is supposed to help prevent such attacks in future. The law, for which the parliament voted with great majority, allows the police to hold a suspect without charge and […]

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    Adventure Travel to One of Chile’s Most Active Volcanos

    Many would hesitate to visit a town at the foot of one of South America’s most active volcanos with frequent eruptions. And yet tourism is flourishing in Pucón in the Cautín Province. The small town next to a glacier lake and a volcano, is one of Chile’s centers for adventure travel and tourism. The most tempting attraction […]

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    Last International Airline Suspends Flights to Libya

    With Turkish Airlines, the last international airline has canceled all flights to Libya due to security concerns. The European Union already banned all Libyan airlines from entering its airspace in December, triggered by the occupation of Tripoli’s last working airport by Islamists. Till recently, Turkish Airlines still offered regular flights to destinations like Tripoli, Benghazi […]