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    Tragic Costa Rica Plane Crash Prompts Travel Questions

    Tour operators and others affected are still reeling from the tragic Costa Rica plane crash that occurred on Dec 31, killing a total of 12 people. Those who perished in the plane crash including four members of the Weiss family from Belleair, Fla., five members of the Steinberg family of Scarsdale, N.Y. and their tour guide […]

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    8 Top Travel Developments in 2018

    While all industries are constantly evolving, the world of travel and adventure, in particular, is in a state of flux. 2018 is set to be a strong year for tourism in general, with growth projected for adventure travel destinations across the globe. The way we travel is changing too, with developments largely driven by the […]

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    5 Must-See Historical Temples in India

    No matter your religious affiliation, anyone can be awe-struck and inspired by the magnificent craftsmanship and architectural feats the many temples in India. These beautiful places of worship draw visitors from all over the world for an otherworldly experience. Here are just some of the most incredible temples in India you must visit. Photo by: Max Pixel […]

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    Journalist Paul Salopek is Trekking the World on Foot

    In 2013, Paul Salopek set out from Ethiopia for a seven-year walk around the world and is trekking the world on foot.  Photo by: MaxPixel For the past four years, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has been tracing the footsteps of our most ancient ancestors who once left Africa to settle in other parts of the then […]

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    Trump Plans to Cut 2 Million Acres of National Park Land in Utah

    Donald Trump has announced plans to cut 2 million acres of protected national monument land in Utah. The unprecedented move has angered environmentalists, outdoor sports groups and Native Americans, with several Native tribes and environmental groups planning to take litigious action against Trump. Many critics of the action view it as a step toward allowing fossil […]

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    5 of the Most Colorful Wonders of the Natural World

    Some places on this planet were given extra attention when pigmented by nature’s paintbrush. Certain scenes possess a beauty in brilliant color that rivals the most exquisite painting you can find made by the most gifted artists. Luckily for us, some of these works of art that grace the surface of the Earth also happen to […]

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    About that Heli-Skiing Gets a Shiny New Platform

    A new online booking platform, Heli, aims to make unusual adventure sports such as heli-skiing more accessible to the masses by linking operators in one hub. One of the most adrenaline-fuelled extreme mountain adventure activities out there, heli-skiing is legendary for allowing participants to ski untapped wilderness terrain. The new platform launched last month and […]

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    How Technology is Influencing Adventure Travel

    Without a doubt, the technology revolution has had a massive influence on the way we travel and continues to do so. Adventure travel news and guides can be accessed with the touch of a button and it takes just moments to book flights and accommodation from your Smartphone. Nowadays, the informed adventurer uses technology every […]