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    Tuk Tuk Adventure Gets Ready to Kick Off from Mumbai

    Mumbai Xpress – Southern India’s Craziest Tuk Tuk Adventure – About to Kick Off Countless adventures, and even more breakdowns, await the participants of this year’s tuk tuk adventure known as the Mumbai Xpress which will be kicking off in Mumbai on August 8, 2015. This could very well be the craziest rally you can find in […]

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    Adventure Travel to One of Chile’s Most Active Volcanos

    Many would hesitate to visit a town at the foot of one of South America’s most active volcanos with frequent eruptions. And yet tourism is flourishing in Pucón in the Cautín Province. The small town next to a glacier lake and a volcano, is one of Chile’s centers for adventure travel and tourism. The most tempting attraction […]

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    Last International Airline Suspends Flights to Libya

    With Turkish Airlines, the last international airline has canceled all flights to Libya due to security concerns. The European Union already banned all Libyan airlines from entering its airspace in December, triggered by the occupation of Tripoli’s last working airport by Islamists. Till recently, Turkish Airlines still offered regular flights to destinations like Tripoli, Benghazi […]

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    African Safaris Threatened by Poaching

    Poaching is not a new threat for Africa, but increasingly it doesn’t only endanger the wildlife itself, but also the wildlife watching sector of tourism. Since the situation is increasingly escalating, The United Nations Tourism Organization recently made an appeal to governments and tour operators for greater efforts in supporting the fight against the African […]

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    UK Tourist Apologizes for Naked Selfie

    In May, Eleanor, a young British woman, took together with 9 other male and female western tourists from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, nude pictures on Mount Kinabalu on Borneo, Malaysia. The UK tourist apologizes for naked selfie after causing a great deal of offense to the locals. What was probably supposed to […]

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    Vietnam Visa Exemptions for 5 European Countries

    Good news for travelers today, as the Vietnamese government announced on its website that Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung decided to drop the visa requirements for tourists staying up to 15 days for passport holders from 5 more European nations, including Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This waiver became effective on July 1, 2015 and […]