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    Why You Should Visit Armenia

    Tucked away between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, Armenia is a country that falls of the radar for most, and sometimes gets picked up in the mainstream media thanks to Kim Kardashian and her Klan. However, don’t let the Kardashian Konnection put you off this amazing and underrated country. While Yerevan is a cosmopolitan hotspot […]

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    World’s Oldest Message in A Bottle Found

    What might be the world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found on the beaches of Amrum Island in Germany, after floating in the North Sea for more than 100 Years. It was found by a German woman on holiday on the island. Dutifully she followed the instructions given on the postcard inside the bottle, […]

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    7 Dangerous Hikes

    Hiking might be something that can be taken slow and steady in nature, but these 7 trails are likely to get the adrenaline pumping and may even give you that near death thrill you’re itching for. You won’t just need your hiking shoes for this one, but most likely some rope, special equipment and other […]

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    More than Just Moscow: 7 Adventures in Russia

    As far as countries go, Russia has certainly got a reputation as being a place that is a little edgy. Russia is the black sheep of Europe; it’s the World’s largest country by landmass, spanning two continents and a spectrum of temperatures. While many in the West are uneasy about visiting Russia, usually for political reasons, it’s a […]

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    The World’s Most Epic Caves

    Caves, love them or hate them there is a certain mystery surrounding these underground tunnels and caverns set inside towering mountains or wriggling under the ground beneath our feet. Humans once dwelled in them and some caves are still undiscovered to this day. While the very idea of spelunking will make even the mildest claustrophobics break […]

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    5 Top Adventure Destinations in Europe

    You might wonder, if there is still something like real adventure in a place as mainstream and as crowded as Europe. We can tell you: there is! Even though it  is probably significantly harder to get lost in Europe’s wilderness than in the Alaskan one, there are still some destinations, that offer you some serious […]