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    The Best Adventures in Costa Rica

    If there is a country that embodies everything you expect from the word “adventure” it’s Costa Rica. Where all its trails lead to waterfalls and adrenaline pumping courses through jungles and mysterious landscapes, this is the country you’ll want to visit if you love combining travel and extreme sports. From exotic hikes to white water […]

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    7 Dangerous Hikes

    Hiking might be something that can be taken slow and steady in nature, but these 7 trails are likely to get the adrenaline pumping and may even give you that near death thrill you’re itching for. You won’t just need your hiking shoes for this one, but most likely some rope, special equipment and other […]

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    Top Hikes: The Best Canyons in the US

    The United States is home to a variety of landscapes, from deserts to lush green coastlines and snowy mountains. The US is also home to some spectacular canyons with amazing hikes, so let’s have a look at the top hikes in and around the best canyons in the US! Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona It […]