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    Adventure Travel in Caucasus Continues with the Caucasian Challenge through Georgia

    Adventure travel in Caucasus keeps exciting the intrepid participants of the Caucasian Challenge 2016. The first three days of the rally witnessed the participants race through the Black Sea region of Turkey through the lush woods of Georgia. The ninth Caucasian Challenge of The Travel Scientists is running towards the high mountains of Georgia which show […]

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    Caucasian Challenge 2016 Kicks Off in Istanbul

    Famous adventure car rally in Caucasus, Caucasian Challenge has taken a start from Istanbul, the ancient bridge between continent Europe and Asia. 4,000 km-long run will take the participants to the Armenian capital Yerevan. From the hustle and bustle of Istanbul roads to the steep mountain passes of Georgia, an unprecedented car rally Caucasian Challenge […]

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    How to Prepare For a Car Rally

    Car rallies are staged racing events that take place often on public roads, in unusual conditions or in unusual vehicles. Car rallies are generally team events, and while some rallies are for the pros, many rallies are made up of a group of auto enthusiasts who are either looking for a challenge or looking to […]

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    The Funniest Car Rallies in the World

    Car rallies don’t always have to be hyper competitive. Some of the funniest car rallies in the world are more about having a bit of a laugh and challenging yourself when things go wrong. But despite these amusing car rallies sounding sometimes absurd, don’t be fooled – once you hit the road, even if it’s […]

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    Incredible Car Rallies for Adventure Travellers

    The best thing about car rallies is that everyday adventure sports enthusiasts can sign up for a car rally whether you’re a pro driver or rev-head – or not. Plus, these car rallies for adventure travellers are a great way to challenge yourself, and get to know a foreign place in an unusual way. Photo By: The […]

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    The Sahara Challenge 2015 Starts Today!

    The Sahara Challenge 2015 starts today in Spain’s Toledo with the drivers’ eventual goal of Marrakesh in Morocco. The 10-day route will see participants drive more than 3000 kilometeres in their old-style cars through parts of the Sahara desert, and other spectacular European and North African landscapes. Participants can choose to use a car from the Vintagent […]

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    Guide to Become a Fast and Furious Driver: Car Weight Reduction

    Image Credit: Richard Clark (Digimist) All of us envied Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto when they modified amazing cars in order to be the fastest good-hearted villains. Since we don’t have the chance to become Fast and Furious crew members, we should think about how to modify our cars within the limits of our budgets. In […]

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    6 Best Roadside Car Fixing Hacks You Should Know About

    Photo by the Caucasian Challenge. When you’re riding the remote roads of Central Asia or the dusty deserts of Rajasthan on a car rally or self drive adventure, your car will break down one point or another. If you have the luxury of a garage or a nearby mechanic on your travels, then all is […]