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  • Backpacking Tips
    How to Make Friends While Backpacking Solo

    Backpacking by yourself is a very cool life experience. When backpacking solo, you’re more open to meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone because your friends aren’t there as a security blanket. BUT backpacking alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely, and meeting people while backpacking can result in some of life’s most […]

  • Backpacking Tips
    How to Pack for Backpacking

    Photo By: stillwellmike How to Choose a Backpack Head to a luggage store and try on loads of different backpacks. Size will be in liters but we recommend taking no more than 10-12 kilograms, so ask store staff what size backpack is appropriate for you. A lot will depend on what size and strength you […]

  • Backpacking Tips
    Tips and Tricks for Backpackers

    Going backpacking? Good choice! Hundreds of thousands of backpackers around the world are getting to know cities and towns, beaches and deserts, famous sights and local stories – and they’re heading from place to place with all of their possessions on their back and living a little on the wild side. We all need that […]

  • Adventure Travel in Oceania
    Classic Backpacking in Australia Routes

    Australia is a major backpacker destination particularly for backpackers from the UK, Europe, the US and New Zealand. However, because Australia is a very expensive country, most backpackers are looking for ways to get the most out of the Aussie dollar by combining a backpacking trip with some work or study. Plus, the airfares to […]

  • Adventure Travel in Eastern Europe
    Classic Backpacking in Europe Routes

    Europe is the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Historical sites, vibrant cities, a huge array of cultures, major events and beautiful natural landscapes. Here are the classic routes for your next backpacking in Europe adventure. Photo By: Spiros Vathis Spain The top sights in Spain for backpackers are obviously cities like Catalan Barcelona and […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    Classic Backpacking in North America Routes

    Backpacking in North America won’t disappoint adventure travelers. There is the incredible variety of landscapes and cultural experiences offered by the United States; the rugged beauty of Canada and the US state of Alaska; and the tequila-inspired parties and “gringo trail” backpacking route of Mexico. Backpackers love North America, so here’s everything you need to know about backpacking in […]

  • Adventure Travel in Central America
    Classic Backpacking in Central America Routes

    Central America has a Caribbean feel with distinct Latin American influences, but sandwiched between South America and North America the 7 countries of Central America can get overlooked by adventure travelers. Don’t make that mistake! Backpacking in Central America is a worthy destination in its own right, or you could add it to your backpacking in South America […]