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    Bear Grylls Theme Park to Open in UK Next Year

    Thrillseekers in the UK are in for a treat as a Bear Grylls Theme Park is set to open in 2018. Photo by: Lwp Kommunikáció Inspired by the TV adventurist’s global escapades, Bear Grylls Adventure is a 20 million pound investment and will be a permanent feature at Birmingham‘s National Exhibition Centre. A former British special forces […]

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    Adventure Travel in a Wheelchair – Yes It’s Possible

    Adventure travel in a wheelchair? It’s totally possible. While it definitely has its challenges, we at Adventure Herald believe that being a wheelchair user shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world and having great experiences and exciting adventures. Photo by: Gellinger Considering that almost a billion people are living with some sort of disability around the […]

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    The Top 4 Adventure Travel Destinations in 2018

    Planning an adventure travel trip for next year and need some inspiration? The four countries on this list have been widely rated as some of the best adventure Travel Destinations in 2018. As for the best adventure travel destinations that should be on your bucket list, these four countries offer exhilarating experiences that, in our book, are […]

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    Feel the Power: Power Boat Racing

    Combine motor sports and water sports with power boating or its more competitive alternative: power boat racing. There are loads of different kinds of motor boats, so choose which is best for you and your budget and get high speed on high waters! Photo By: Contando Estrelas What are Power Boats? There are different types of […]

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    The Most Impressive Sailing Races

    Sailing (aka yachting) has got to be one of summer’s most glamorous sports. But as you would find out at any of the world’s major sailing races, it’s not all champagne and sunbathing. In fact sailing races can be some of the world’s most grueling – and dangerous – water sports in the world. Check […]

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    Boarding Now: Paddleboarding, Bodyboarding and What’s SUP

    Three types of boards, three different ways: Bodyboarding, Paddleboarding and Stand-Up Paddling (aka SUP). What are they? What’s the difference? And where can you try it this summer? Grab a board and get on it! Photo By: Jim Pennucci What is Bodyboarding? Bodyboarding utilises a much shorter board than for surfing and you lie on your […]

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    Jet Fuel: The Ultimate Guide to Jet Skiing

    Jet skiing essentially combines the fun of both a water sport and a motor sport. Find out where to go jet wkiing this summer to satisfy your need for speed on water. Photo By: tadekk What is Jet Skiing Jet skis are more formally referred to as “personal water crafts” because the term “Jet Ski” […]