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    Tightened Requirements For US Visa Waiver Program

    To oppose those who in the eyes of the Department of Homeland Security are an increasing terrorist threat, the department has implemented a change in the regulations of their visa waiver program. The 38 eligible countries, whose citizens don’t have to undergo interviews at US embassies and apply for a visa before traveling to the […]

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    Planned Extension of e-Tourist Visa in India

    After the introduction of an e-Tourist Visa in India in November 2014, for which by now 78 nationalities are eligible, India has announced plans to extend the accessibility to 31 more nations. Among them are European countries like Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden, as well as several South American nations. The only […]

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    5 of The Most Inspiring Female Travelers Of All Time

    For centuries, exploring, discovering and adventure were a mainly male domain, with women only being the good wives, who often were waiting and praying years for the safe return of their husbands. But there have been some brave females, pioneers of their days, who have paved the path for all the adventurous woman out there […]

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    Syria’s Endangered World Heritage Sites

    Syrian Civil War affects not only the citizens of Syria; but also the precious artifacts which stand as the witnesses of Mesopotamia’s rich history.  Syrian demonstrators who had opposing views, jumped onto the bandwagon of Arab Spring in 2011. Although the demonstrations, which started as an outcome of the anti-regime protests in several other Arab states, seemed […]

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    Travelers Can Save Iranian Hammams

    Will Iran soon lose an important part of its cultural heritage? While three decades ago, the typical hammam still attracted several dozen visitors daily, today the owners of the few remaining Iranian hammams are happy to be serving three customers a day. With almost every Iranian household being equipped with showers and baths, these institutions […]

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    Hasankeyf: an Endangered Historical Site in Turkey

    Hasankeyf Prepares to Become a Modern Atlantis Today, the construction of Ilisu Dam threatens the existence of the beautiful town of Hasankeyf, located in Batman Province of Turkey, in the Southeastern part of the country. According to the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works of Turkey, the dam will be completed by the 23rd of December, 2015. […]

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    10 Tourist Free Adventure Destinations

    Trying to escape the tourist crowds and their selfie sticks? Looking for a real adventure? Here are our top 10 destinations to get off the beaten track and find the best tourist free adventure destinations! Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina Located between the rivers Una, Sava, Sana and Vrbas, this national park is an ideal destination […]

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    Australian Tourism Campaign Focuses on Aboriginal Australia

    Even though Aboriginal experiences, an important part of the Australia’s tourism industry, can add that little extra to a trip to the continent, hardly any international tourists participate in travel experiences and activities connected to Aboriginal Australia and culture. According to the Australian tourism board, most tourists are discouraged by the assumption that such experiences […]