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  • Adventure Travel in the Middle East
    7 Reasons To Visit Jordan

    Over the past years, tourism in Jordan has steadily declined. First, the Arab Spring discouraged visitors, now the country seems to be surrounded by nations that struggle to fight the ISIS threat, or are already partially controlled by the terrorist group. This has scared away most people, so by now you’d have most of Jordan’s historical […]

  • Car Rallies
    Your Car Rally Survival Guide

    As our friends on the Caucasian Challenge get ready to hit the road next week, we meditated on the fact that sometimes car rallies are quite the test of endurance. So much can go wrong, and when you’re on a rally, whether you’re in the Alps or in the Gobi Desert, you’re pretty much on […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Passenger Record And Ryanair’s New Destinations

    Picture: Juanedc   Good news for Ryan Air. Already one of Europe’s busiest low cost airlines, it continues its success story. Only in July, Ryanair transported more than 10 million passengers. According to Ryanair, this is the highest number of passengers that have ever been transported within a month by a European airline. With that, […]

  • Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Introduction of e-Visa in Kenya

    Picture: Diana Robinson   From the 1st September 2015, Kenya will introduce an e-Visa system, replacing the currently available visa on arrival. The visa should be requested at least 7 days in advance and 2 months at most. From the date of issue, the visa owner has 90 days to enter Kenya, before the visa […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Tips for Camel Riding

    While many are no strangers to horseback riding, camel riding still has the touch of exotic mystery and no trip to the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula or Northern Africa is complete without a camel trek, be it just for half an hour or several days across the Saharan desert, following age old trading routes […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    10 Tourist Free Adventure Destinations

    Trying to escape the tourist crowds and their selfie sticks? Looking for a real adventure? Here are our top 10 destinations to get off the beaten track and find the best tourist free adventure destinations! Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina Located between the rivers Una, Sava, Sana and Vrbas, this national park is an ideal destination […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Traveling Dos and Don’ts in Central Asia

    Some of Central Asia’s most intriguing characteristics are its unique culture and traditions, many of which may be unknown to the western traveler. Here is a little guide on how to behave on your trip to win the favor of the locals and be a better informed traveler. Dos and Don’ts in Central Asia: Say […]