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  • Adventure Travel in Central Asia
    Survival Guide for The Desert

    Deserts are some of the most fascinating landscapes we can find on earth. They come in countless shapes and colours. But they are not only beautiful, but also dangerous. Again and again careless travelers die a cruel death, that could easily be prevented by following some basic rules. Our little survival guide for the desert […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    7 Dangerous Hikes

    Hiking might be something that can be taken slow and steady in nature, but these 7 trails are likely to get the adrenaline pumping and may even give you that near death thrill you’re itching for. You won’t just need your hiking shoes for this one, but most likely some rope, special equipment and other […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Adventurer Ash Dykes Plans to Cross Madagascar on Foot

    Welsh explorer Ash Dykes is about to set off for his next big adventure. The 24 year old traveler, Muay Thai fighter and motivational speaker will attempt to cross the full length of Madagascar in a solo walk, which has never been done before. He will start his trip at Madagascar’s most southern point Cap Sainte and […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Ultramarathon Record Along Appalachian Trail

    For most humans, it is already an enormous challenge to run a marathon of 42 km, without breaking down after half of the distance. Not so for Scott Jurek, who has recently completed an ultramarathon along the Appalachian Trail all across  the Appalachian Mountains in the east of the USA. While it takes most people […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Director of Toughness – A Dream Job for Adventurers

    Columbia Sportswear Company just published the dream job ad for every true adventurer. The company for outdoor gear is looking for two “Directors of Toughness”. Like the name already implies, this job is not fit for the half-hearted hobby adventurer, but only for the hardcore ones. The lucky ones will have the position for 6 […]

  • Adventure Travel in the Middle East
    Iraq’s Endangered World Heritage Sites

    Iraq’s Cultural Heritage     Iraq is incredibly rich in cultural heritage, no wonder, since it is one of the cradles of civilization, being part of Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent along Tigris and Euphrates. Millennia of human history are documented here, partially still covered by sand, but partially already excavated and studied by early archaeologists. While […]

  • Adventure Travel News
    Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Alaska

    Anchorage in Alaska was chosen as host city for the Adventure Travel World Summit 2016, organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Every adventurer’s eyes lighten up, just mentioning the name “Alaska”. It is a symbol for pure, unlimited adventure with its untouched, vast nature, extreme climate and diverse wildlife. This epic adventure potential made […]