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    Adventure Travel in a Wheelchair – Yes It’s Possible

    Adventure travel in a wheelchair? It’s totally possible. While it definitely has its challenges, we at Adventure Herald believe that being a wheelchair user shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world and having great experiences and exciting adventures. Photo by: Gellinger Considering that almost a billion people are living with some sort of disability around the […]

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    Quick Tips for Traveling to Bali

    Bali has become extremely popular with tourists in recent years as a tropical haven with warm and welcoming natives. If you are planning a trip for the first time, here are the essential tips so you can be an informed traveler, get around smoothly and enjoy the best of what this Indonesian paradise has to offer. […]

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    Millennials are Shaping the Travel Industry – For the Better

    Photo by: In recent years, the millennial generation (defined as those born roughly between 1982 and 2002) has been blamed for killing a number of industries in cold blood. Scarred by the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Generation Y’s spending habits are quite different than those of previous generations. As a result, those murderous […]

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    The Top 4 Adventure Travel Destinations in 2018

    Planning an adventure travel trip for next year and need some inspiration? The four countries on this list have been widely rated as some of the best adventure Travel Destinations in 2018. As for the best adventure travel destinations that should be on your bucket list, these four countries offer exhilarating experiences that, in our book, are […]

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    Beautiful Photos from a Kayak by Tomasz Furmanek

    Recently, the wonderful photos of photographer/IT worker/solo adventurer Tomasz Furmanek have caught our eye. The photos were taken as he was kayaking around Norway’s fjords during a few months of solo travel. We think his photos are simply stunning and that they do inspire going on an adventure – even if that means alone, and to […]

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    Would You Go On a Manned Mission to Mars?

    You could say this is the ultimate adventure, the most extreme exploration of the unknown that dwarfs (literally) anything done before on Earth: human beings landing – and even living – on Mars. And now a new movie and some high profile space missions have reignited interest in the real possibility of human colonies on the “red […]