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  • Extreme Travel Adventures
    What Are Edge of Space Flights from Russia

    Space is the final frontier, and for many of us we could never imagine ever getting a chance to get so close to infinity. We’ve written before about Virgin Galactic’s proposed space flights for normal people and the long-goal of a mission to Mars. But you’ll be happy to know there are options for space flights […]

  • Aerial Adventures
    The World’s Most Thrilling Air Races

    There’s nothing more exciting then seeing the agility of small planes doing incredible feats and tricks. The sound of the roaring engines overhead, the extraordinary skill of the pilots and sheer spectacle of seeing planes zip and zoom in the sky yet so close to earth. Read on to find the world’s most thrilling air […]

  • Extreme Sports
    Best Cities for Longboarding

    Longboarding is pretty similar to skateboarding, although the boards are much longer at about 24 to 80 inches. The sprot of longboarding was borne out of surfers wanting to do something similar on dry land when the surf conditions weren’t great. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities for longboarding – although of […]

  • Motorbike Adventures
    Get Dirty! Dirt Bike Riding Trails

    A dirt bike is a kind of motorcycle that’s made for off-road riding and riding or racing along trails through bush, and rockier or muddier surfaces. Remember to get trained up first and have the right safety gear on at all times. Stay safe and have fun at these – some of the world’s most exciting […]

  • Car Rallies
    Incredible Car Rallies for Adventure Travellers

    The best thing about car rallies is that everyday adventure sports enthusiasts can sign up for a car rally whether you’re a pro driver or rev-head – or not. Plus, these car rallies for adventure travellers are a great way to challenge yourself, and get to know a foreign place in an unusual way. Photo By: The […]

  • Motoring Adventures
    A Brief History of Motocross

    Motocross is an exhilarating motorsport of the two-wheel variety. For motorcycle enthusiasts, who want to get into off-road racing then motocross could be the extreme sport for you! Photo By: Patrick Blehaut A Short History of Motocross Motocross started out in the United Kingdom in the 1920s and is a form of off-road motorbike racing, often […]

  • Motoring Adventures
    All About ATV Racing for Beginners

    All-terrain vehicles – more commonly known in the abbreviated form as ATV – are becoming increasingly popular in motor sports and extreme sports. These automobiles are also known as quad bikes or 4-wheelers, and our guide to ATV racing for beginners will explain why this extreme motor sport is growing in popularity. Photo By: MAIK What […]