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Why You Should Go to Kyrgyzstan

Have you been to Kyrgyzstan yet? Photographer and video maker Jeremy Ullmann captures the country’s untamed landscape and its welcoming people in his new video “Kyrgyzstan – The Land of Horses and Hills ”.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the Central Asian countries with the easiest visa process, since citizens of Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA are eligible for a visa on arrival for up to 60 days or can even enter visa-free.

The small, landlocked country in Central Asia lies along the old Silk Road, at the crossroads of civilizations. Thinly populated and many of its inhabitants still living semi nomadically in yurts, the country is completely covered by mountains, Jengish Chokusu with over 7000 m being the highest peak. Dominated by Tian Shan Mountain Range, Kyrgyzstan is full of lakes, rivers and glaciers.

We won’t even try to describe Kyrgyzstan’s beauty with words that can’t do it justice anyway and let pictures speak instead. So if the simple visa process is not reason enough why you should go to Kyrgyzstan, then this video will definitely make you book a flight right now!

Picture: Dmitry Karyshev


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